20:35 Ticket #6691 (SCI: QFG3: Crash when loading Pool of Peace save) closed by wjp
fixed: Should be fixed by commit 379e3b80daea93a375a752dd582aa42830054e18 now.
19:51 Ticket #6806 (SCI: QFG3: Dialog Crash about Leopard women's marriage.) closed by wjp
fixed: Moved the Simbani bridge crash to new ticket #9605. Closing this one.
19:50 Ticket #9605 (SCI: QFG3 (GOG): Uninitialized read on stats screen in Simbani bridge room) created by wjp
Reported in #6806: Opening and then closing the stats screen in the …
09:33 Ticket #7099 (SCI: KQ7 - Unknown version) closed by wjp
Thanks for verifying.


22:38 WikiStart edited by wjp
Update instructions for trac/github (diff)
22:36 Ticket #9604 (SCI: PHARKAS: Background not cleared after reloading from bar fight) created by hpvb
When restoring the game from the death screen after the bar fight it …
06:21 Ticket #9603 (RINGWORLD2: Intro only draws topmost line) created by raziel-
ScummVM 1.10.0git (Oct 7 2016 07:09:33) Features compiled in: Vorbis …
06:07 Ticket #9602 (WME: The Kite - Game screen shifted to the right) created by raziel-
ScummVM 1.10.0git (Oct 7 2016 07:09:33) Features compiled in: Vorbis …


22:03 Ticket #9601 (WME: Helga Deep in Trouble - graphics glitch) created by somaen
When using the computer to find Magda's phone number, the surrounding …
19:36 Ticket #9600 (Swedish Translation for 1.9.0) closed by criezy
fixed: Thank you. This has been pushed to our repository for the 1.9.0 release.
17:58 Ticket #9600 (Swedish Translation for 1.9.0) created by hampusf
Hello, Please find the Swedish PO-file for version 1.9.0 attached. …


02:24 Ticket #9597 (SHERLOCK: Picked up items remain) closed by dreammaster


16:09 Ticket #9599 (ScummVM GUI Hungarian translation) closed by rootfather
05:51 Ticket #9598 (SDL: write access violation with OSD when updating screen) closed by bgK
fixed: I switched the screen update behavior to back to full screen updates. …
04:01 Ticket #9599 (ScummVM GUI Hungarian translation) created by goodoldgeorge
ScummVM GUI Hungarian translation (2016.10.03)
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