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#10004 Android: Virt Keyboard modifier keys inconsistent after reopening keypad new defect high 2 years ago
#6214 Android: improve mouse pointer movement in touchpad mode new fuzzie defect normal 7 years ago
#6387 ANDROID: Error handling ends in segfault new fuzzie defect normal 6 years ago
#6477 ANDROID : SCI QFG1 - Cursor Keys controls Mouse, rather than Ego pending ccawley2011 defect normal 6 years ago
#6800 ZVISION Cannot be compiled on Android - FreeType2 isn't available new defect normal 5 years ago
#6811 ANDROID: kyra.dat error on loading EOB new defect normal 5 years ago
#6856 ANDROID: Touchscreen Hover Function Malfunction new defect normal 4 years ago
#6945 Android: SCUMM: Subtitle speed settings being disregarded new defect normal 4 years ago
#7820 ANDROID PORT: Xperia Play touchpad support new enhancement normal 8 years ago
#7869 ANDROID: Add Action Intents new enhancement normal 6 years ago
#10333 ANDROID: Unable to browse the storage new defect normal 23 months ago
#10428 ANDROID : SCUMMVM 2.0 does not start on ACER ICONIA TAB new defect normal 21 months ago
#10546 FT: Destrution Derby not completable on Android new defect normal 17 months ago
#10929 Discworld crash on ARM new defect normal 7 months ago
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