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#11483 ZVISION: ZGI: Music broke new Zork, Grand Inquisitor, Music defect high
#12071 SCI: KQ4 SCI version 1.000.111 - MT-32 plays back some improper instruments new KQ4, SCI, MT32, music defect normal
#13014 SCUMM: Monkey Island EGA: MT32 episode presentation music loops where it shouldn't new MT32, music, loop, monkey, ega defect normal
#13364 FluidSynth: If audio preferred device is set to default, it auto sets to FluidSynth in next startup new music_driver, FluidSynth, Settings, GUI, Start Up defect normal
#14022 MTROPOLIS: Obsidian music, transitions, and exiting new Music, Transitions, Exiting defect low
#14322 SAGA: ITE - FLAC compressed music does not play new flac, music. ite defect normal
#14639 AGS: MIDI files prefered over music.vox new music playback defect normal
#14844 SCI: CAMELOT: Loading in Fatima's house disrupts the music new Camelot, Fatima, music defect normal
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