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#13952 ANDROID: AGS: Can't load games with resources >2GB on ARM32 new defect normal
#14446 ANDROID: Add Chromecast support new feature request normal
#14423 ANDROID: Add a note or tip in the BACKEND tab about the Virtual Keyboard new feature request normal
#14559 ANDROID: Crash when a bluetooth keyboard reconnects on Android 7 device new defect normal
#14883 ANDROID: Cursor position is not adjusted when virtual keyboard is shown/hidden new defect normal
#14631 ANDROID: I need a storage function that can be backed up in an Android environment new feature request normal
#14827 ANDROID: Launcher GUI layout issues for Backend tabs new defect normal
#14890 ANDROID: Monkey Island 3 doesn't work anymore new defect normal
#14695 ANDROID: No way to copy savegames out of internal storage or create a in progress save after changing the save path in runtime new feature request normal
#14110 ANDROID: STARK: Actors are missing when using the OpenGL with shaders renderer new defect high
#14422 ANDROID: Support more virtual keyboard language layouts new feature request normal
#12800 Add option to pass parameters to SCUMMVM on Android new feature request normal
#11932 Android TV support new feature request normal
#10929 BACKENDS: Android (ARM) - Discworld 1 crash in cutscene new defect normal
#10546 BACKENDS: Android - Destruction Derby not completable in Full Throttle new defect normal
#6945 BACKENDS: Android - SCUMM: Subtitle speed settings being disregarded new defect normal
#13057 PORTS: ANDROID: Android load game screen distorted while downloading from Cloud new defect low
#12532 PORTS: ANDROID: Mouse Cursor Snaps to Top Left Corner on Android 8.1.0 Device pending lephilousophe defect normal
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