21:38 Ticket #14372 (Phantasmagoria crashes with savegames) closed by sluicebox
duplicate: That daily build was from just before the fix, so it's the same crash. …
18:20 Ticket #14372 (Phantasmagoria crashes with savegames) created by darkshoxx
No idea what happened. But i bet it has to do with the number of …
12:35 Ticket #14371 (LAN: Server's IP interface is sometimes from a virtual adapter) created by antoniou79
This is was noted on ScummVM 2.8git compiled from master HEAD) on …
12:22 Ticket #14370 (GUI: Add scrollable support and a Copy to Clipboard button for the new ...) created by antoniou79
This is a feature request for the new Log view window that is …
10:48 Ticket #14072 (AGS: Crash in "The Excavation of Hob's Barrow" on Giving Fiddle Bow to ...) closed by tag2015
08:04 Ticket #14369 (Unknown game variant for agi: Police Quest 1 AGI Spanish Translation) created by LukasThyWalls
Hello […] From the Status Window: […] ScummVM doesn't allow …
07:24 Ticket #14261 (TWINE: Little big adventure can't mix language between voice and text) closed by mgerhardy
fixed: fixed in master with 697c6e4a722cefa7a9067ea1d4ab9f667e5fef78
01:58 Ticket #13530 (ULTIMA6: Enemy Weapons incorrect and unbalanced) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Fixed by PushmePullyou in https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/pull/4835
01:29 Ticket #13513 (ULTIMA6: New actor dolls shaded in green) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Fixed by PushmePullyu in https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/pull/4846
01:27 Ticket #12536 (ULTIMA6: "new" style is unstable) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Fixed by PushmePullyu in https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/pull/4845
00:09 Ticket #14338 (AGS: Dreams in the Witch House - reproducible segfault) closed by criezy
fixed: Fixed in 42838612d2a8daa4b9a7819f420d3c165b29bdba


21:42 Ticket #14368 (Phantasmagoria Freeze in Basement) created by darkshoxx
Game Freezes after picking up hammer in Chapter 1 See timestamp …
16:43 Ticket #14367 (Unsupported game - De Dwaze Tovenaar en het Geheim van het Vermiste ...) created by surimi1
The game in 'TOVENAAR' seems to be an unknown game variant. Matched …
15:23 Ticket #14366 (BACKENDS: WII: Crash when adding/editing games after a certain ...) created by cameronhimself
ScummVM version: 2.7 OS Version: Wii 4.3U Details
13:57 Ticket #14365 (3DS: GOB: Fingus's mouth behaves strangely during the walk animation ...) created by Agetian
This interesting issue only happens when ScummVM is set to display the …
10:51 Ticket #14337 (SCUMM: Subtitles are not shown anymore in some games) closed by AndywinXp
fixed: Thanks! Closing
03:04 Ticket #14361 (SCI: Phantasmagoria crashes when all saves are in chapter 7) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed in: …


22:19 Ticket #14364 (GUI: Redraw only widgets which have been changed) created by mikrosk
Current implementation looks like this: […] …
21:03 Ticket #14363 (AGOS: SIMON2 fatal "could not open setup.shr" regression) created by stephanM92
On version v2.7.0 on PC and v2.7.0.2 Beta on android, Simon The Sorcer …
19:08 Ticket #14362 (SWORD1: Missing detection entry (unknown french version)) created by stephanM92
Hi, Broken Sword 1 does not start anymore on SCUMVM 2.7.0 while it …
17:31 Ticket #14361 (SCI: Phantasmagoria crashes when all saves are in chapter 7) created by darkshoxx
It appear that after creating 10 gamefiles of Phantasmagoria 1, …


23:35 Ticket #14331 (TETRAEDGE: In-game tutorial not accessible) closed by mduggan
21:18 Ticket #14360 (TETRAEDGE: German umlauts are not displayed) created by windlepoons
When click on BONUS in the Syberia menu, the menu screen is missing …
15:34 Ticket #14359 (BASE: Window resolution setting via command line is broken) created by exoscoriae
I am trying to set the window resolution at the command line, however …
01:07 Ticket #14358 (TETRAEDGE: Inventory duplicated when loading custom savegame) closed by mduggan
fixed: Thanks for reporting. I've pushed a simple change to properly clear …


14:39 Ticket #14358 (TETRAEDGE: Inventory duplicated when loading custom savegame) created by windlepoons
If you save your custom save game with Ctrl+S, then load it with …
08:03 Ticket #14357 (TETRAEDGE: Syberia (1/2) crash on startup with OpenGL ES 2 contexts) created by raziel-
ScummVM 2.8.0git (Mar 21 2023 20:26:48) Using SDL backend with SDL …
06:10 Ticket #12697 (ULTIMA6: Mouse steering still horrible/unusable) closed by PushmePullyu
fixed: Should be fixed with commit 0084aad82328d88b98f9bcaeed9893512411796a …


20:13 Ticket #14356 (Splash screen is no longer shown correctly on big endian machines) created by mikrosk
Found this by accident. When I add this code: Common::OutSaveFile out …
13:19 Ticket #14355 (TESTING-IGNORE: This is a test ticket, please ignore) closed by lotharsm
13:18 Ticket #14355 (TESTING-IGNORE: This is a test ticket, please ignore) created by lotharsm
=== Markdown test === * foo * bar
09:08 Ticket #14354 (Syberia 1 Crashes to Desktop) closed by mduggan
fixed: Oops, thanks for testing and sending the report! This was broken by a …
03:47 Ticket #14354 (Syberia 1 Crashes to Desktop) created by jasoncarlough
After you select "New Game" and then "Ok" on the message about a …
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