15:09 Ticket #12085 (TWINE: depth sorting issue for doors) closed by mgerhardy
fixed: c39ea9499bdc600aba16f81898fc298d0eec72f6 fixed the issue
07:40 Ticket #13679 (TWINE: music pauses when entering the behaviour mode menu (so it also ...) closed by mgerhardy
04:34 Ticket #13785 (REMORSE: mouse rotation doesn't work) created by roberttryton
rotating character left and right with a mouse doesn't work


15:42 Ticket #13784 (GRIM: Run-Time Check Failure #3) created by henke37
In debug builds with MSVC, each time (and frame!) I press a key I get …


04:10 Ticket #13783 (BASE/GFX: VSYNC setting doesn't works for GRIM engine and FPS always ...) created by kas1e
Since somewhere 25 June (i assume when this commit were done: …


22:35 Ticket #13782 (MADE: ScummVM closes unexpectedly after playing first audio) created by Purduecoz
With audio all set to default, in ScummVM 2.6.0 (x64) on Windows 11, …
18:28 Ticket #13778 (Wintermute games cursor blocked bug.) closed by lephilousophe
fixed: Thanks for the report. Coordinates conversion was missing in the 3D …
11:15 Ticket #13781 (STARK: The Longest Journey crashes with Assertion failed) created by nix234
TLJ works with residualvm but not with scummvm. ❯ scummvm -v ScummVM …


23:09 Ticket #13763 (SCUMM: LOOM (EGA): Inaccurate text position) closed by athrxx
fixed: Thanks for the report. I have made a fix. Please test…
17:49 Ticket #13780 (AGS: Bmail and Rosa's website are empty in Blackwell Convergence) created by maxigaz
In Blackwell Convergence, in Rosa's home, the computer doesn't display …
09:46 Ticket #13776 (Only some features of the game are working. When I submitted a post to ...) closed by sev-
07:18 Ticket #13491 (HYPNO: Unknown game variant for hypno - GOG Wetlands) closed by neuromancer
fixed: It seems that this was Wetlands with the 1.1 patch applied. This is …
07:17 Ticket #13779 (Wetlands Version 1.1 not supported) closed by neuromancer
fixed: Thanks for the report! Patching to the version 1.1 is not necessary in …


21:00 Ticket #13779 (Wetlands Version 1.1 not supported) created by Sundowner2000
ScummVM detects the Wetlands original CD-ROM full version without …
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