20:29 Ticket #13732 (SCUMM: MI2 - Guybrush standing next to Elaine at hole) created by GermanTribun
System: Windows 10 x64 Game Version: German Floppy This is a very …
16:41 Ticket #13731 (TWINE: The movement of the meca penguin is different from dos version) created by mgerhardy
This issue was reported on the lba discord: -------- This is how it …
15:10 Ticket #13627 (SCUMM: CGA rendering isn't working correctly across all games) closed by athrxx
01:57 Ticket #13730 (SCUMM/HE: Black subtitles are unreadable in the final scene) created by Thunderforge
In the final scene of the game, multiple side characters are present …


10:25 Ticket #12518 (AGS: Whispers of a Machine - Company logos not vertically centered & ...) closed by criezy
fixed: I have added a hack to get the correct resolution for this game, and …
10:24 Ticket #13723 (Detection Entries for updated Blackwell Unbound and Unavowed (July 18, ...) closed by criezy
fixed: Thank you. They have now been added.


21:49 Ticket #13729 (AGS: Text display regression in Whispers of a Machine) created by criezy
Some text in Whispers of a Machine is displayed incorrectly. This can …
21:42 Ticket #13590 (AGS: Heroine's Quest has a newer release) closed by criezy
fixed: Thanks for updating the comments. Closing now.
15:42 Ticket #13721 (ags: new steam entries) closed by bluegr
fixed: Added in this PR: https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/pull/4124 Closing
09:47 Ticket #13728 (SCI: add wildcard and/or range to debugging commands for Game Flags) created by lwcorp
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