14:31 Ticket #13470 (COMMON: Data format issues when reading and writing doubles from file ...) created by ccawley2011
Currently, the readDouble and writeDouble functions don't handle the …
10:02 Ticket #13314 (The energy bar does not decrease during the vent arcade sequence) closed by neuromancer


23:34 Ticket #13469 (Mod (Modifications) Support) created by LukasThyWalls
Hello. Maybe can you ponder a, on paper, simply idea to make some …
10:02 Ticket #13468 (SLUDGE: Unknown game variant for sludge - >Cubert Badbone P.I.) created by nibio74
The game in 'Cubert\' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please …


16:26 Ticket #13467 (Built in Point & Click Support for GRIM Games) created by coasternd
Several years ago there was a mod for Grim Fandango that added point & …
14:18 Ticket #13466 (DIRECTOR: Unknown game variant for director) created by nibio74
The game in 'Opera\' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please …
13:26 Ticket #13465 (QUEEN: Support fanmade Amiga CD releases) created by nibio74
The game in 'Flight of the Amazon Queen (Amiga ISO, italian)\' seems …


11:55 Ticket #13464 (SDL: In-game menu for 3D games shows no cursor on some systems) created by rsn8887
Systems such as Vita and Switch that don’t have a system cursor show …


22:30 Ticket #13451 (Web: Hi-Res Adventure #1: Mystery House Screenshots) closed by Thunderforge
fixed: I've added them to https://www.scummvm.org/screenshots/sierra/hires/
19:55 Ticket #13458 (COMMON: Wrong game id detected during engine id upgrade) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed in: …
18:29 Ticket #13463 (SCREENSHOTS: "Website screenshot" mode for taking screenshots ready ...) created by Thunderforge
As ScummVM has supported more and more games, there is a need for …
16:45 Ticket #13462 (SCUMM v7-8: DiMUSE: Large audio lag in 2.6git compared to 2.5.1) created by rsn8887
The audio lag in Full Throttle and probably in other imuse/dimuse …
16:31 Ticket #13062 (IRC Logs Timestamp Issue) closed by lotharsm
08:28 Ticket #13322 (SCUMM: FT (demo): Two background music tracks playing at the same time ...) closed by AndywinXp
06:08 Ticket #13419 (SCUMM: FT: Garbled graphics when Ripburger is running away) closed by eriktorbjorn
fixed: I've merged my pull request, so this should work now.
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