23:19 Ticket #13348 (AGS: in certain games screenshots only show chosen elements) created by lwcorp
In certain AGS games such as …
02:02 Ticket #13347 (Unknown game variant for ags (Blackwell Epiphany 2.3 Mac)) created by boredzo
The game in 'Blackwell Epiphany 2.3.ags' seems to be an unknown game …


22:20 Ticket #13346 (SANITARIUM: Control problem and crashes PS3) created by JBLeopard
Hello, I have been testing this game with the last daily build for a …
18:11 Ticket #13345 (AGS: Subtitles not visible/covered up in some scenes in “The Blackwell ...) created by boredzo
ScummVM: 2.5.1 and nightly 5aef420c (no difference) OS: Linux Mint …


22:03 Ticket #12797 (Debug with gdb - no debugging symbols found) closed by toby63
fixed: Replying to sev-: > This is weird, it was working …
09:22 Ticket #13344 (AGS: Several animation issues in Chzo mythos special edition games) created by d0k3
One place where this happens is in the end scene of Trilby's Notes. …


10:39 Ticket #13343 (GUI: Debugger md5 works only for files in the same directory as of the ...) created by r41k0u
The md5 command of debugger only works on files which are in the same …


10:28 Ticket #13196 (SCUMM: Invalid phrase with GIVE crashes the game (Demo)) closed by bluegr
fixed: The PR has been merged, so this can be closed now. Thanks to r41k0u …


22:01 Ticket #13328 (WEB: Language and platform in screenshot captions do not match images) closed by SupSuper
16:48 Ticket #10395 (FULLPIPE: Stuck when teleportating to foot) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed, thanks to r41k0u.
16:48 Ticket #9669 (FULLPIPE: Scenes 31/32/34 - Inconsistent character state) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed, thanks to r41k0u.
10:13 Ticket #13339 (GUI: Game Options crashes launcher at small application widths) closed by antoniou79
fixed: The PR was merged, so this ticket can be closed.
10:01 Ticket #10396 (FULLPIPE: Rolling bridge is a wrong state) closed by bluegr
09:36 Ticket #13342 (No feedback sound in black bucket by bus puzzle) created by windlepoons
In the puzzle at the bus, when you empty stuff into the black bucket …
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