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AGS: Subtitles not visible/covered up in some scenes in “The Blackwell Epiphany”

Reported by: boredzo Owned by: criezy
Priority: normal Component: Engine: AGS
Version: Keywords: blackwell5 blackwell5gog layering dialogue subtitles
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ScummVM: 2.5.1 and nightly 5aef420c (no difference)
OS: Linux Mint (like Ubuntu)

I've been playing “The Blackwell Epiphany” in ScummVM (because I had hit a game-breaking bug in the official GOG Linux executable, the Windows release has an update that hasn't made it to Linux, and I'd rather play it on Linux by any means possible than reboot into Windows to use the official executable there). So far it's been completely playable (though I haven't yet caught up to where the game broke last time), but there is at least one bug I've encountered.

In some scenes, particularly the navigation screen and in certain zoom-in moments like when you look at each of the photos on Rosa's wall or the computer on Emil's desk, subtitles are covered in whole or in part. In the navigation screen, the subs are behind the location icons; in the others, they're generally entirely hidden. I suspect (but cannot confirm) that these are one bug.

Interestingly, there is at least one zoom-in moment where this bug does not occur: When you look at the corkboard in the police station, Joey's subtitle is visible as it should be.

Dialogue audio plays as expected; this only affects subtitles.

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comment:1 by boredzo, 2 years ago

This also occurs in 2.5.1 on macOS with version 2.3 of the game (after adding the game as an unknown AGS game due to #13347).

I'm attaching a couple of saved games from the macOS version. One of these, karth2, is just before Rosa picks up the memory stick in Karth House; when you pick up the memory stick, a scripted sequence begins, and when the phone starts displaying the headshot photo from the memory stick, Rosa and Joey's subtitles are not visible on that screen.

The second, rosa1, is a little later in Rosa's apartment. In this state, you can examine (right-click) any of the photos on Rosa's wall—the wedding photo, for example—and Rosa will describe the photo, but the subtitle will not be visible. If you tab over to Joey and have him examine any of the photos, same thing goes for his subtitle.

by boredzo, 2 years ago

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by boredzo, 2 years ago

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comment:2 by boredzo, 2 years ago

Note that the attached saved games are “ags-fallback” because of #13347.

comment:3 by antoniou79, 2 years ago

Just for clarification purposes: Do these bugs only happen when playing the game with ScummVM? Or does running the game as standalone also have them?

comment:4 by aquadran, 21 months ago

Summary: Subtitles not visible/covered up in some scenes in “The Blackwell Epiphany”AGS: Subtitles not visible/covered up in some scenes in “The Blackwell Epiphany”

comment:5 by tag2015, 17 months ago

Owner: set to criezy
Resolution: fixed
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I tested the savegames provided using the latest scummvm dev version on Win10, with the latest steam version of the game.
The issues, similar to bug #13088, are no longer present (in these areas of the game at least).

However I didn't test the rest of the game, so feel free to reopen if needed.

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