23:26 Ticket #13150 (MOHAWK/QT: Crash in Riven Quicktime Video) closed by sluicebox
Patience expired!
17:35 Ticket #11861 (EMI: Chess game makes EMI not respond) closed by aquadran
worksforme: I tried save game, you have to wait a moment, but game not stuck.
17:26 Ticket #11821 (EMI DEMO: ALT+Enter to toggle fullscreen causes broken textures) closed by aquadran
17:24 Ticket #11851 (EMI: Exiting from Knutting Atoll lead to dead lock in the island map) closed by aquadran
17:22 Ticket #11848 (EMI: Crash after weeding at Lava Pool during sequence) closed by aquadran
17:18 Ticket #11784 (EMI: When opening the bank vault from the inside, the sword is placed ...) closed by aquadran
17:14 Ticket #11808 (EMI: Freeze in the overworld after leaving Lava Pool puzzle. Cannot ...) closed by aquadran
worksforme: can not reproduce from game play test. possible save game have broken state
17:12 Ticket #11811 (EMI: Monkey doesn't join monkey combat) closed by aquadran
16:06 Ticket #13223 (SCI: QFG4 - Can't distribute points with the keyboard at the beginning ...) created by Terelyn
It works if you launch it through DOSBox.
15:56 Ticket #13222 (SCI: QFG3 - The music in the Main Menu doesn't restart after going ...) created by Terelyn
It only happens after trying to create a new character. In the case …
13:14 Ticket #13221 (SCUMM: Monkey Island 2 Segfault (Midi related)) created by mgerhardy
ScummVM version 2.5.0 (debian testing) […]
07:25 Ticket #13195 (SHERLOCK: UI glitch when looking at screen object in inventory mode (Demo)) closed by eriktorbjorn
fixed: Thanks for verifying! (I forgot to close the bug report when merging.)
03:46 Ticket #13220 (TINSEL: Discworld crashes) created by Die4Ever
quoted from Mindez in the Speedy Adventures discord: There are a …


20:41 Ticket #13219 (Daily Build Installer is stuck at 27.12.21) closed by lotharsm
18:38 Ticket #13219 (Daily Build Installer is stuck at 27.12.21) created by Commodusaurel
The Daily Build Installer is stuck at 12/27/21, although it currently …
00:40 Ticket #13209 (SCI - LSL7 Russian: Fatal error after giving polyester to Jamie) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed in …


13:19 Ticket #13217 (Beneath A Steel Sky: Can Populate More Than One Save Slot At A Time) closed by alayGit
13:15 Ticket #13218 (SKY: Can Populate More Than One Save Slot At A Time) created by alayGit
ScummVM 2.6.0git2179-g25c63234e49 (Dec 27 2021 14:36:45) Beneath A …
13:14 Ticket #13217 (Beneath A Steel Sky: Can Populate More Than One Save Slot At A Time) created by alayGit
ScummVM 2.6.0git2179-g25c63234e49 (Dec 27 2021 14:36:45) Beneath A …
02:28 Ticket #13205 (Web: version 2.5.1 is missing from the compatibility table) closed by Thunderforge
fixed: > The actual link ​does exist, so it must be an error in the selection …
02:08 Ticket #13216 (WEB: "Other" screenshots page is broken) created by Thunderforge
On any screenshots page for a game or series (say …


13:02 Ticket #13215 (OpenGLSdlGraphics3dManager::setupScreen() might invoke `glGetIntegerv` ...) created by GMTA
When switching from the launcher to an OpenGL game such as Grim …


06:15 Ticket #13198 (SHERLOCK: Intro too slow in the German Version since version 2.5.1) closed by eriktorbjorn
fixed: I'm closing this again, since the intro slowdown is fixed. If the …


21:21 Ticket #13161 (SCI: QFG3 - Weird behaviour in the main menu.) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Thanks for reporting this! I updated the workaround from the earlier …
15:18 Ticket #13214 (Unknown game variant for ags) created by Termimad
The game in 'The Visitor' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please …
07:52 Ticket #13185 (ASYLUM: re-enable missing cutscene between chapters 2 and 3) closed by alxpnv
invalid: This cutscene can be triggered by clicking inside the area shown in …
06:21 Ticket #12942 (PORTS: IOS: Apple keyboard cursor keys don't work, accessibility bar ...) closed by bluegr
fixed: Great, thanks for the update! Closing
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