19:53 Ticket #13071 (NGI: Full Pipe - Constant (huge) memory loss on switching rooms) closed by bluegr
Great! Thanks for the feedback, glad it's sorted :)
02:44 Ticket #11085 (SCI: KQ6 Mac QuickTime intro movie freezes) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Two years later... There were two bugs preventing correct playback. A …
01:49 Ticket #13076 (MACOS: ScummVM for macOS associates itself with Xcode project files) created by kode54
ScummVM 2.5.0 for macOS, when installed on macOS Monterey, associates …
00:28 Ticket #13075 (MACOS: OpenGL - Mouse cursor gets stuck around the edges in fullscreen mode) created by dfabulich
In ScummVM 2.5.0, in all games, in full screen mode, if I move my …


16:34 Ticket #13074 (PRINCE: Timing issue / Scene skipping) created by Balduranne
ScummVM 2.5.0 English and Polish Win10 PC - GOG version of the game, …
13:58 Ticket #13073 (BACKENDS: SDL: Strange initSizeHint() behavior) created by eriktorbjorn
I have the current setup: I'm using the "SDL Surface" graphics mode …
10:55 Ticket #13072 (BLADERUNNER: Broken Officer Leary talk animations) created by jakejakejake123
In the original version of the blade runner game Officer Leary moved …


19:15 Ticket #13071 (NGI: Full Pipe - Constant (huge) memory loss on switching rooms) created by raziel-
ScummVM 2.6.0git (Nov 12 2021 09:48:26) Features compiled in: Vorbis …
08:19 Ticket #13008 (TWINE: Add support for Asian release of Little Big Adventure.) closed by mgerhardy
fixed: thanks - added support
08:19 Ticket #13064 (TWINE: Unknown game variant for twine) closed by mgerhardy
fixed: thanks - added support
07:58 Ticket #13070 (BBVS: Loogie - No updates to the play field (Sprites not erased?)) created by raziel-
ScummVM 2.6.0git (Nov 11 2021 15:29:15) Features compiled in: Vorbis …
07:50 Ticket #13068 (BBVS: Loogie - Unknown demo variant) closed by raziel-
fixed: Merged …


21:31 Ticket #13038 (GUI: Enabling autosave crashes if any games don't have "engineid") closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed in 2ac5fd5c02c96a33eee59359cb588d6e50811b09
14:54 Ticket #13069 (ASYLUM: Add Detection for French Game Variant) created by Guy0me
The game in 'Sanitarium (France) [CD Windows]\' seems to be an unknown …
12:26 Ticket #11423 (TOOLS: extract_mm_c64 inverts bits of 00.LFL) closed by sev-
09:24 Ticket #12250 (PORTS: VITA: Blue Force & Little Big Adventure) closed by sev-
09:19 Ticket #12932 (GRIM: Grim Fandango crash after solving the signpost in the Petrified ...) closed by aquadran
09:17 Ticket #12697 (ULTIMA6: Mouse steering still horrible/unusable) closed by sev-
09:14 Ticket #12965 (DIRECTOR: The journeyman project. Game softlocks when walking into a wall.) closed by sev-
invalid: The game is not yet fully supported
08:55 Ticket #13005 (Web: Adventure Game Studio is missing from 2.5.0's compatibility table) closed by sev-
fixed: Good catch, it was an overlook. Fixed
08:36 Ticket #13006 (Web: Provide different games for different engines in the issue tracker) closed by sev-
worksforme: When a user provides a bugreport, there is a "Component" field with …
06:18 Ticket #12977 (Engines: Incorrect MetaEngine::getSavegameFile implementations) closed by orgads


14:54 Ticket #11435 (SCI: SQ1 (Macintosh VGA Remake) - broken music) closed by sluicebox
fixed: SQ1VGA Mac, along with the other SCI1 games, now sound great thanks to …
13:57 Ticket #12994 (SCI: GK1 MIDI/Digital Music Selector Toggle?) closed by sluicebox
invalid: Short version: no, nope, and no. =) The game isn't looking for …
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