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SCI: GK1 MIDI/Digital Music Selector Toggle?

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This is something that bugged me for some time. The way digital music is handled by the game's CD-version is a bit messy.

The game does have resources for three themes in the game (in the SFX-folder) that can be played from a far better digital version: 5.wav (opening menu and opening credits), 99.wav (nightmare sequences) and 5400.wav (end credits).

Strangely enough only the first and last are used, while the game still uses the normal MIDI version of the nightmare music. Since the MIDI-versions of the two credit themes are also in the game files (for those at the time without a sound card capable of digital audio), perhaps a toggle can be implemented to switch if the digital or MIDI versions of these three songs are used in the game?

It certainly would be cleaner than the current inconsistent behavior.

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