22:38 Ticket #13063 (TWINE: Game crash when any video must be displayed if crossfade=true) created by danorf69
Playin the CD Original European Version (En/Fr/De) of the game, with …
10:28 Ticket #13062 (IRC Logs Timestamp Issue) created by CTxCB
On https://logs.scummvm.org/ -- Both on Text and HTML, the timestamps …
04:27 Ticket #13061 (Quest for Glory 4 animated cursors dont work) created by thespacej
The cursor animations don't work. They are only static. In DosBox …


05:49 Ticket #13060 (BMP regression: QFG4 AVI files play upside down) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed in: …
00:08 Ticket #13060 (BMP regression: QFG4 AVI files play upside down) created by Terelyn
FLYBY.AVI plays upside down in Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness …
00:01 Ticket #13059 (SCI: Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness warning messages when ...) created by Terelyn
When i start a new game in Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness, …


21:33 Ticket #13058 (SCUMM: DIG: Music stops playing after some time) created by Alien-Grey
I noticed that while playing the game The Dig the music stops playing. …
06:45 Ticket #13048 (AGOS: Waxworks soundblaster sound doesn't work) closed by sev-
fixed: This has been fixed.
06:45 Ticket #13050 (Grim Fandango with ScummVM) closed by sev-
invalid: Indeed, Remastered Grim Fandango is not supported, only the original
06:43 Ticket #13012 (TONY: Speech no longer plays) closed by sev-
06:42 Ticket #13023 (Can't press right-button on a Mac with my trackball) closed by sev-
worksforme: Did you try clicking or tapping with two fingers just as could be …
02:32 Ticket #13057 (PORTS: ANDROID: Android load game screen distorted while downloading ...) created by Die4Ever
Samsung Galaxy S9+ I'm using Google Drive if it matters. Latest master …


01:39 Ticket #13021 (patch: Some renames in AGS detected games) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Okay, I think I extracted everything new correctly
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