17:25 Ticket #12036 (TWINE: No items in save game) closed by vvs-
Thanks! Fixed.
14:26 Ticket #12058 (Piposh 1 - hebrew) created by danielzilka
Hi I want to add the game - piposh 1 & 2 to my games. How can I do that?
12:46 Ticket #11968 (BACKENDS: AMIGAOS: Fix GL crash on AmigaOS4 (at least)) closed by raziel-
fixed: Fixed in local SDL port
12:41 Ticket #10584 (SCI: LSL 7 - Background animation slows down (when inventory window is ...) closed by raziel-
outdated: This has been fixed in the meantime, no more slowdowns


22:18 Ticket #12057 (TWINE: Crash near ferry) created by vvs-
Trying to speak with ferry captain produced a crash.
21:31 Ticket #12056 (TWINE: input for magic ball throwing feels wrong) created by mgerhardy
Walking forward while trying to throw a magic ball freezes the animation.
18:04 Ticket #12049 ([WINTERMUTE] Unknown Corrosion Game variant) closed by lolbot-iichan
fixed: Thanks for reporting this version! Fixed at …
12:49 Ticket #12055 (BACKENDS: SDL - strange code in sdl-events.cpp) created by fedor4ever
This code present till commit 7de9982 from line 178. Code smells bad. …
09:57 Ticket #12054 (Compatibility list should be arranged from newest to oldest) created by lwcorp
https://www.scummvm.org/compatibility/ is an ascending list, with the …


23:27 Ticket #12053 (setup documentation for monkey island 4 is not sufficient) created by stesee
I tried …
23:00 Ticket #11759 (MADS: release build 2.2.0 can run unfinished game) closed by bluegr
fixed: Fixed by adding a subengine for V2 MADS games in …
07:47 Ticket #12047 (TWINE: Credits scene graphically corrupted) closed by mgerhardy


17:20 Ticket #12052 (Trouble installing scummvm on Windows XP SP 1) created by xixecho
Hi. I tried installing scummvm 2.2.0 on my Windows XP SP1 computer …


09:46 Ticket #12051 (ZVISION: ZGI DVD Crashes When MPEG Video Selected) created by ns394
ScummVM crashes, when the Engine-option "use high resolution MPEG …
08:08 Ticket #12050 (TWINE: palette issues for fla movie) created by mgerhardy
introduced in 3ac47eaba1d3290ef8c16a6e63fa9b6702b1aa0c Reproduce with …
06:55 Ticket #12049 ([WINTERMUTE] Unknown Corrosion Game variant) created by goodoldgeorge
The game in 'Games\' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please …
06:44 Ticket #12035 (TWINE: Rendering artifacts on the ground tiles.) closed by mgerhardy


20:15 Ticket #12038 (TWINE: Rendering line artifact) closed by mgerhardy
19:59 Ticket #12048 (TWINE: Text boxes overflowing horizontally) closed by mgerhardy
fixed: Fixed in 1088dcf20041aa654d4ea823caaecbc1bad63f61
14:15 Ticket #12048 (TWINE: Text boxes overflowing horizontally) created by jp438-2
Similarly to the bug that I reported previously where text boxes were …
13:38 Ticket #12047 (TWINE: Credits scene graphically corrupted) created by jp438-2
When you sit on the main menu a scene is meant to play, but it is …
13:32 Ticket #12046 (TWINE: Cannot turn while attacking in aggressive mode) created by jp438-2
In a build I just compiled myself using the current ScummVM master …
05:02 Ticket #12045 (SCUMM: FT: seg fault in the imuse_digi submodule when a game action is ...) created by nniro
I am testing this on a raspberry pi 4 with the bleeding edge scummvm …
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