20:32 Ticket #11514 (ScummVM refuses to add Glk games, doesn't say why) closed by criezy
fixed: This has been verified as working now. So closing.
16:17 Ticket #11515 (GLK: ZCODE: Beyond Zork On-Screen Map not appearing) created by trembyle
The on-screen map does not display, including the room description. …


20:48 Ticket #11514 (ScummVM refuses to add Glk games, doesn't say why) created by dfabulich
Following the note here https://www.scummvm.org/news/20200622 I …
19:28 Ticket #11513 (AGI: SQ2 (AppleIIGS) - frame/audio sync issues) created by jpc-ae
This comes in a few flavours, it seems certain code is running to hot …
19:15 Ticket #11512 (3DS crashes when quitting) closed by bgK
fixed: The stack trace is: […] This is fixed by commit 8ccb564.
17:34 Ticket #11510 (Phantasmagoria 2 crashes) closed by sluicebox
duplicate: Thank you for the report. These are bugs #10570 and #10391 which are …
16:56 Ticket #11512 (3DS crashes when quitting) created by MarioKartFan
Yesterday’s commit solved the issue of SCUMM games crashing on the 3DS …
13:07 Ticket #11511 ([Documentation] Please update the status of the Ultima games, in ...) created by rubyFeedback
Hey scummvm folks, I recently read the news about Ultima VIII being …


17:07 Ticket #11510 (Phantasmagoria 2 crashes) created by fragmental
A streamer, macaw45, was playing the GOG version of Phantasmagoria 2, …
14:53 Ticket #11505 (3DS: Latest Nightlies Crash on Game Launch) closed by bgK
fixed: This is fixed by commit c777d66.
12:06 Ticket #11032 (WME: Corrosion - Add save thumbnails) closed by lolbot-iichan


22:51 Ticket #11509 (AGI: KQ4: Apple IIgs dwarf music doesn't loop in house) created by trembyle
After Rosella cleans the Seven Dwarfs' house and they file in for …


06:57 Ticket #11508 (Unknown game variant for Kyra) created by MaryJaneInChain
The game in 'Hof' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please report …


22:58 Ticket #11503 (WME: Corrosion - Implement walking with arrow keys) closed by sev-
fixed: Implemented.
14:19 Ticket #11507 (BACKENDS: Windows - Alt + F5 no longer brings up original menus in ...) created by neilalphazeta
As of 2.1.1 (perhaps earlier) the original menus no longer can be …
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