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SCI32: Phant2: computer scrolling crash.

Reported by: PsYchitOut Owned by: sluicebox
Priority: normal Component: Engine: SCI
Version: Keywords: sci32 original
Cc: Game: Phantasmagoria 2


Hello I am using the steam version of Phantasmagoria 2 on ScummVm 2.0.0 running on my copy of windows 10. I come into work after getting my wallet back from my rat (what?) talk to everyone at the office sit down to read my email and the second I go to scroll the status window fills up with uninitialized read errors then the whole emulator crashes to console. I tried this on the 2 pcs I have and started from scratch but I keep getting the same error. Granted every time it was with the steam version I dunno if the boxed version has the same problem but other than that one glitch everything else about the game runs perfectly. I dare say better than the dosbox config that is setup to run it. I've included my save file just sit down at the desk clic on the computer, go to the email about fluffy bunnies (anyone that requires scrolling works but that one has the best results) and try to click and drag the scroll bar down. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.

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Save file putting you right in curtis's cubicle staring at his desk.

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by PsYchitOut, 7 years ago

Attachment: phantasmagoria2.001 added

Save file putting you right in curtis's cubicle staring at his desk.

comment:1 by dafioram, 7 years ago

Keywords: sci32 added; Phantasmagoria Sierra SCI removed
Priority: normalhigh
Summary: Puzzle of Flesh, Steam Version, email scrolling crash.SCI32: Phant2: computer scrolling crash.

Thanks for your report!

I was able to reproduce this bug in my GOG CD/DOS 001.0.06 English version. I was also able to have it happen for the Venimen_Sagawa/ document.

lookupSelector: Attempt to send to non-object or invalid script. Address 0000:0000, method Thumb::onMe (room 4051, script 64943, localCall ffffffff)!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load save
  2. Sit at computer and open fluffy bunnies email
  3. Drag email message slider all the way to the bottom and go a little lower then release. It should flick up to the top. It doesn't always work. Sometimes you just have to scroll up and down clicking in the message area.
0: script 64994 - p2::replay()
     obj@0001:0518 pc=0003:0546 sp=ST:000d fp=ST:0000 argp:ST:0001
 1: script 0 - p2::gameLoop()
     by 0 obj@0001:0518 pc=0001:5301 sp=ST:000f fp=ST:000f argp:ST:000e
 2: script 64994 - P2Game::gameLoop()
     by 1 obj@0001:0518 pc=0003:032b sp=ST:0011 fp=ST:0011 argp:ST:0010
 3: script 64994 - p2::doit()
     by 2 obj@0001:0518 pc=0003:030d sp=ST:0015 fp=ST:0013 argp:ST:0012
 4: script 0 - p2User::doit()
     by 3 obj@0001:12c8 pc=0001:585f sp=ST:0018 fp=ST:0017 argp:ST:0016
 5: script 64996 - User::doit()
     by 4 obj@0001:12c8 pc=000b:0926 sp=ST:001a fp=ST:001a argp:ST:0019
 6: script 64996 - p2User::processHogs(0017:0000)
     by 5 obj@0001:12c8 pc=000b:0aa9 sp=ST:0020 fp=ST:001d argp:ST:001b
 7: script 64926 - Thumb::handleEvent(0017:0000)
     by 6 obj@0017:019b pc=0028:0f44 sp=ST:0023 fp=ST:0023 argp:ST:0021
 8: script 64926 - Thumb::action()
     by 7 obj@0017:019b pc=0028:0e79 sp=ST:0028 fp=ST:0025 argp:ST:0024
 9: script 64916 - Thumb::track(0000:0000)
     by 8 obj@0017:019b pc=0010:05c8 sp=ST:002c fp=ST:002b argp:ST:0029
 a: script 64943 - Thumb::onMe(0000:0000)
     by 9 obj@0017:019b pc=0005:042c sp=ST:0033 fp=ST:002f argp:ST:002d

comment:2 by bluegr, 6 years ago

Priority: highlow

This only occurs when releasing the mouse cursor over something that's not a screen item (e.g. over the black area on the bottom of the screen), so it's not THAT serious.

The warnings thrown when scrolling have been fixed

Reducing priority

comment:3 by sluicebox, 4 years ago

Keywords: original added
Owner: set to sluicebox
Priority: lownormal
Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Fixed in 8fcff44b40cce928bd5700b86d335782f4cd7c7b

I just started playing this game for the first time and I've already accidentally hit this twice. The click just has to be released off the scrollbar, so I'm bumping this to normal.

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