13:38 Ticket #11378 (Pixel Perfect: Set via Command Line Starting Scale Factor) created by Harbinger-365
Hi all, I was monitoring a forum post on this subject and was …
02:55 Ticket #11377 (Unknown game variant for ultima) closed by dreammaster


09:46 Ticket #11377 (Unknown game variant for ultima) created by Tucky27
The game in 'ULTIMA8\' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please …


13:10 Ticket #11376 (BLADERUNNER: freezing on ScummVM Wii 2.1.1) created by Tetsuo-78
I'm trying ScummVM 2.1.1 for the Nintendo Wii. The game Blade Runner …


14:07 Ticket #11375 (WEB: HUMONGOUS: Some Macintosh demos are missing resource data) created by antoniou79
In the Demos ScummVM page, three (3) Macintosh demos for Humongous …
12:29 Ticket #11374 (BACKENDS: MacOSX - sound output does not follow "active output" ...) created by dottedmag
== What did I do? - Selected internal speakers as a default audio …


21:15 Ticket #11306 (BLADERUNNER: Sprint Speed) closed by antoniou79
12:57 Ticket #11373 (SCI: Quest for Glory 3 game script bugs) created by m-kiewitz
I found an unofficial fan patch mentioned in the QfG3 forum on GOG. …


21:26 Ticket #11372 (FLUIDSYNTH: Kyrandia 2 - The Hand of Fate - MIDI with FatBoy SoundFont ...) created by cachaito
Hi, according to ZvikaZ, FluidSynth should be superior to other MIDI …
20:24 Ticket #11370 (WEB: Adding screenshots for Blade Runner (Windows/Spanish)) closed by antoniou79
10:56 Ticket #11337 (King Quest VI CD and Roland MT-32 emulation with external Munt) closed by ZvikaZ
04:53 Ticket #11371 (Split "Both" string for the 3DS SELECT Button menu) closed by bgK
fixed: Fixed in 606a68172d8ec87377590a66aa1d18edead5e578.
04:53 Ticket #11364 (GUI: KEYMAPS: Command key incorrectly displayed as ‘Meta’ on MacOS.) closed by bgK
fixed: Fixed in ff63764dd9d32121b9f18bd813bdd5857cbedd96.
02:26 Ticket #10927 (SCI: KQ6 - MIDI playback broken (by interrupting a scene)) closed by raziel-
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