20:07 Ticket #11082 (QFG4: exporting the character requires deleting the "a:") created by lwcorp
When the game asks you to export your character it suggests …
14:45 Ticket #10998 (Freddi Fish 1: handle on grandma's door remains there when the door opens) closed by BenCastricum
00:18 Ticket #11081 (SCI: ECO2: Icon bar crashes during tutorial) closed by sluicebox


23:50 Ticket #11081 (SCI: ECO2: Icon bar crashes during tutorial) created by sluicebox
Clicking any icon during the icon bar tutorial in the first room …
22:27 Ticket #11080 (XEEN: Riddle in Northern Tower (darkside) bugged) created by darkstar
One of the riddles of the "Voweless Knights" seems to be bugged. The …


18:10 Ticket #6218 (SCI: KQ4 - Hat doesn't go off screen during intro) closed by sluicebox
fixed: I have this exact version of KQ4 and this ScummVM bug no longer …
17:52 Ticket #11079 (XEEN: Autosave not working) created by darkstar
Even though I configured auto-save every 5 minutes in the main menu, …


09:20 Ticket #11078 (Blade Runner: OpenGL graphics mode produces white screen) created by raziel-
ScummVM 2.1.0git (Aug 13 2019 10:45:13) Features compiled in: TAINTED …
07:57 Ticket #11077 (SCI: SQ4CD: Game allows keeping unstable ordnance) closed by bluegr
06:33 Ticket #11077 (SCI: SQ4CD: Game allows keeping unstable ordnance) created by sluicebox
SQ4CD has a regression that lets you keep the joke bomb and its joke …
05:32 Ticket #11076 (BACKENDS: Aspect ratio correction doesn't work with SDL1 or SDL2 modes ...) created by rsn8887
Reproduce: Boot up ScummVM latest nightly OSX, or Switch (probably …
04:12 Ticket #11075 (BACKENDS: Get rid of the hideous and slow stretch200To240 function for ...) created by rsn8887
SurfaceSdlGraphicsManager is already scaling whenever the various …


21:16 Ticket #5848 (ANDROID: Can't "hold" left mouse button) closed by ccawley2011
worksforme: The command coin can be opened just fine by double-tapping and holding …
19:51 Ticket #11074 (Unknown game variant for The Neverhood Chronicles (Japanese Version)) created by Toonerz
When trying to play the Japanese PC version of The Neverhood, I …
18:34 Ticket #11073 (Blade Runner: Subtitle corrections) created by JoesGuy
ScummVM: 2.1.0git-6587 Subtitle file: Blade_Runner_Subtitles-v3 A few …
10:31 Ticket #10244 (SQ4 PC98 : Orange ship not taking off again when leaving super computer) closed by sluicebox
10:27 Ticket #11072 (The Sect of Achturan not detected) created by necros2k7
10:26 Ticket #11071 (Missing or damaged resources reported in The Dating Pool - 2019 One ...) created by necros2k7
06:27 Ticket #11070 (SCI: SQ4CD: Hintbook drawn incorrectly due to incorrect message parsing) closed by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
fixed: In 0069281c: […]
04:37 Ticket #11070 (SCI: SQ4CD: Hintbook drawn incorrectly due to incorrect message parsing) created by sluicebox
The symbols in the SQ4CD hintbook aren't being drawn correctly in …
04:11 Ticket #11062 (Unknown game variant for SCI [all games] - Quest for Glory 4 demo) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Thanks for reporting this, I have this CD-ROM and was able to test …


15:56 Ticket #10748 (QFG4: Mirrored room Pics are off by 1 pixel, garbage on right edge) closed by bluegr
15:28 Ticket #11069 (XEEN: Trapdors in southern tower all drop to the same spot) created by darkstar
In the southern tower (darkside) there are some trapdors in the W, E …
14:42 Ticket #11068 (XEEN: Some beds in Sandcaster are not searchable) created by darkstar
When clicking on these beds, neither the "there is nothing ..." …
14:28 Ticket #11067 (XEEN: Multiple-choice talk selection display issue) created by darkstar
When talking to some NPCs, you get a menu on the right side screen …
09:37 Ticket #11041 (pack_bladerunner doesn't actually write HDFRAMES.DAT to disk) closed by antoniou79
I am closing this, as there's no new feedback and the pack_bladerunner …
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