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Blade Runner: Subtitle corrections

Reported by: JoesGuy Owned by: antoniou79
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Game: Blade Runner


ScummVM: 2.1.0git-6587
Subtitle file: Blade_Runner_Subtitles-v3

A few corrections for the subtitles:

  1. Bullet Bob's VK test question regarding being hungover, subtitle displays "Harry the Dog" which should be "Hair of the Dog" as per the colloquialism here:
  1. Gaff's encounter outside the apartment at the end of Act 4 reads a line as "Keeping the department happy" when it should read "keeping the department hopping" due to the police scrambling to find McCoy
  1. Peruvian woman on Animoid Row has a line subtitled as "That they do, senoir" when examining the scorpion box. Sounds a lot more like "Deadly too, senoir" and it makes more sense following the previous line from McCoy. This one's questionable, however.

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comment:1 Changed 10 days ago by antoniou79

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Good catches all three. I admit I didn't know about the colloquialism.

I've fixed these three in the online Excel version, but I'm keeping the ticket open for possible further subtitle corrections until v4 goes public.

comment:2 in reply to:  1 Changed 6 days ago by JoesGuy

Replying to antoniou79:
Found another few typos: When finding the Tyrell sales brochure in the grav test lab, specifically for the entertainment model, subtitle reads "This on was for the new entertainment model" instead of "This one was for the new entertainment model."

Another one for Bob's VK test. Regarding the kidnapping question, subtitle reads "'Cause they'll sleep " when it sounds more like "'Cause they'll slip "

And the guy in McCoy's apartment in act 4, is subtitled as saying "I don't know what you're speeding on." Fairly certain he's saying "speed-loadin'."

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comment:3 Changed 6 days ago by antoniou79

All three new corrections, accepted and the online document is updated. I am not familiar with speed-loading but I had line that marked as one I could not quite figure out what was spoken by Rajif. There's a "lo" sound in there, so I think you're right.

comment:4 in reply to:  3 Changed 5 days ago by JoesGuy

Replying to antoniou79:
McCoy mentions speed-loaders in his scene with Guzza in the sewers, it refers to the police issue gun which is a speed-loader variant. Rajif says the "loadig" part very quietly, so it's easy to miss. Still trying to figure out what the heck Sadik is saying to Eisenduller too.

comment:5 Changed 14 hours ago by Alca57

Thank you for helping correction of subtitles, #JoesGuy! Working on the French translation i can compare specific sentences and provide context if needed; 3. "Deadly too" for the scorpions is correct.

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comment:6 in reply to:  5 Changed 14 hours ago by JoesGuy

Replying to Alca57:
You're very welcome, and your is very useful as well. Perhaps you can shed some light on the Eisenduller cutscene, as some of Sadik's dialogue is very hard to make out. XD

comment:7 Changed 14 hours ago by Alca57

Hehe I can only try.

  • For "Understand good... (incomprehensible)" Sadik says in French "Tu comprends, c’est vachement important pour moi, man..."

Meaning should be close to : "Understand this is really important for me, man..."

  • For "Only *garble* *garble*… (incomprehensible)... Extra terrestrial gravity." Eisenduller says (in French) as Sadik strangles him : "Non je m’occupe du simulateur de… De gravité Extra-Terrestre."

Meaning should be close to : "I only take care of the simulator for... Extra terrestrial gravity."

I will try to find a talkie of this scene on YouTube to listen closely as well for English.

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comment:8 Changed 10 hours ago by antoniou79

For what's worth, I've checked with the localized versions too, to see if I could match what's said with the translation back to English. It's not exactly right. Eisenduller seems to say something like "simulations" but not quite. And Sadik... I just can't make out the specific words to make any sense of it.

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