22:06 Ticket #11046 (XEEN: Enchant Item spell sometimes leaves the item unenchanted) created by darkstar
The Enchant Item spell (e.g. from items that you find a lot in the …
21:40 Ticket #11045 (QFG4: castle doors don't seem to get oiled) created by lwcorp
Possibly related to #10832 (which was submitted before the game was …
21:34 Ticket #11044 (QFG4: Boris is outside the castle at night after the dungeon sequence) created by lwcorp
After the dungeon sequence you find yourself outside the castle at …
21:22 Ticket #11043 (XEEN: Skill can be bought without check for enough gold) created by darkstar
In Vertigo X=25 Y=26 there is a skill trainer (Rialdo the Ranger) who …
11:40 Ticket #11042 (SCI: CAMELOT: Sheath-sword bug) closed by bluegr
08:36 Ticket #10873 (QFG4 CD: Hero stutters when running) closed by sluicebox
08:24 Ticket #11042 (SCI: CAMELOT: Sheath-sword bug) created by sluicebox
Sheathing the sword by pressing F8 while entering or exiting a room …


01:52 Ticket #11040 (SHERLOCK: Unknown game variant for Sherlock) closed by dreammaster


15:09 Ticket #11041 (pack_bladerunner doesn't actually write HDFRAMES.DAT to disk) created by theruler
d:\_ScummVM\tools>scummvm-tools-cli --version ScummVM Tools 2.1.0git …
11:44 Ticket #11039 (SCI: ICEMAN: 'Climb down hatch' at pier) closed by bluegr
09:34 Ticket #11040 (SHERLOCK: Unknown game variant for Sherlock) created by InsertDisk2
The game in 'Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes.scummvm\' seems to be an …
05:47 Ticket #11039 (SCI: ICEMAN: 'Climb down hatch' at pier) created by sluicebox
At the pier in Honolulu, room 23, "climb down" causes ego to bypass …


18:32 Ticket #11038 (SCI: SQ4: Entering skate-o-rama incompletable at slower speeds (CD only)) created by TheQL
Though apparently ScummVM fixes timing problems I got blasted …
18:30 Ticket #11037 (iOS crash on digital audio in Simon the Sorcerer) created by TheQL
Simon the Sorcerer (CD/Windows/German) seems to crash when digital …
18:23 Ticket #11036 (iOS issue "Could not initialize color format." on starting Blade ...) created by TheQL
Both games, but probably others, show this error and then only show …
08:51 Ticket #11035 (Unknown game variant for Cryo Omni3D) created by legluondunet
Hello, I tried to import "Versailles - Complot à la cour du roi …


02:23 Ticket #11034 (BLADERUNNER: Linux crash on load game) closed by antoniou79
fixed: Excellent. Closing this one.
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