12:46 Ticket #10376 (GUI: Enable aspect ratio correction by default) created by rootfather
Currently, the aspect ratio correction option is disabled by default. …


15:53 Ticket #10375 (Forum doesn't support HTTPS) created by WilliamFeely
The forums.scummvm.org server is still running on plaintext http. As …
06:59 Ticket #10374 (SCI: Backend assertion failure sending data to closed MIDI driver on exit) created by Digitoxin1
When exiting an SCI game configured to use a MIDI device, I get the …


18:19 Ticket #10243 (SQ4 PC98 : SJIS font bugs) closed by csnover
Closing due to no response to the request for additional information. …
12:50 Ticket #10372 (SCI: Lighthouse: Items lost in iron tools factory) closed by dafioram
invalid: The items that return to the room they were in are only needed in the …
11:25 Ticket #10373 (SCI: Lighthouse: Cannot return to lighthouse) created by bosjox
Scummvm version: 2.0.0 Game version: CD, 1.0C OS version: Win7-64 …
10:13 Ticket #10372 (SCI: Lighthouse: Items lost in iron tools factory) created by bosjox
Scummvm version: 2.0.0 Game version: CD, 1.0C OS version: Win7-64 …
05:53 Ticket #10361 (SCI: LSL6 Hi-res: Electric fence death opens console.) closed by csnover
fixed: Thanks for your report! A patch for this issue has been added in …


02:45 Ticket #10044 (MOHAWK: Riven: Excessive delay before cursor appears after movie ends.) closed by macca8
fixed: This issue is resolved in the latest stable release (v 2.0.0), 32-bit …
02:29 Ticket #10371 (BACKENDS: MacOSX - System cursor always visible when in fullscreen mode.) created by macca8
This report refers to using ScummVM with the global options set to …


16:24 Ticket #10370 (BACKENDS: MacOSX - PPC 2.0.0 release has MT-32 stutter issue) created by g5ppc
Running on a dual 2.0Ghz G5 with OS X 10.5.8. Previously had 1.8.1, …
09:07 Ticket #10367 (WIN32: WinSparkle is missing line breaks in the CHANGELOG) closed by rootfather
fixed: Thanks criezy for fixing this.
03:15 Ticket #7861 (Support of Discworld Russian 1.1) closed by Mataniko
fixed: Fixed by sev in c7695cc9
02:13 Ticket #9684 (The Neverhood Lite Demo still not working) closed by Mataniko
fixed: This was fixed, and the demo runs fine in 1.9.0.
02:08 Ticket #5636 (MOHAWK: MD5 checksums for undetected Living Books demos) closed by Mataniko
fixed: MD5 hashes were added about 6 years ago
01:22 Ticket #9699 (LOL: Unknown Spanish Floppy version) closed by Mataniko
duplicate: Duplicate of https://bugs.scummvm.org/ticket/7862
00:01 Ticket #10369 (SAGA: ITE: Alamma Door hotspot difficulties) created by dafioram
ScummVM: 2.1.0git-104-g789a38b38c Game: Inherit the …
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