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The Neverhood Lite Demo still not working

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Game: The Neverhood


Hello :)

So,this ticket ( ) asking about The Neverhood LITE demo has a status of "closed-accepted" but I tried the latest version of ScummVM and it is still not working,and the ticket also is pretty old. I am not talking about the Full Demo where you have the first two rooms and a little bit of movements outside,I am talking about the Demo which begins right in the second room (with the rings) and has no movement outside (besides rotating around near the Nursery door). I know it's kinda useless playing it but as a REAL big Neverhood fan I am collecting and playing everything possibly related to Neverhood (damn,I even read all of the Hall of Records and the other wall of text in Armikrog :D ). The demo is kinda playable without ScummVM but the colors are sorta messed up and it's a little laggy.

Thanks :)

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Sooo anyone?

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Oh,I didn't know it's that kind of comments :D

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