18:41 Ticket #9627 (Lands Of Lore - game crashes in Catwalk Caverns) created by billniakas
I've come across this bug several times because Lands Of Lore is one …


20:38 Ticket #9618 (GUI: Could not load widget position for ''!) closed by criezy
fixed: Thank you for reporting this bug. It was due to a logical error in our …
19:19 Ticket #9626 (SCI: unknown SQ3 Version) created by telanus
lease, report the following data to the ScummVM team along with name …
18:18 Ticket #9614 (SCI32: Space quest 6 scummvm freeze during the injection scene) closed by csnover
fixed: Fixed in 724385eb5e3154628a5e1655471d7cf4d67b7a70.
06:35 Ticket #9620 (SPARKLE: Update Error! An error occurred while extracting the archive.) closed by sev-
fixed: As it appears, there is a lack of functionality in Mac Sparkle. So …
02:04 Ticket #9584 (SCI32: Implement HShutterIn transition show style) closed by csnover
fixed: Fixed in 90c2f77686978b09f758f8c0bbc39258fc691d58.


01:37 Ticket #9625 (TINSEL: DW2 - out of sound reels) created by serin-delaunay
In ScummVM 1.9.0 (15 Oct 2016) for Android running Discworld 2, if I …


16:34 Ticket #9583 (SCI32: Views from the previous scene are drawn into the next frame ...) closed by csnover
fixed: Fixed in c9ad2062db80fc9b6339bebdcd70f58269e38bf6.
07:49 Ticket #9624 (SCI: Unknown KQ5 checksums) created by wjp
Reported by te_lanus on IRC: […] […]


20:19 Ticket #6755 (ScummVM Crashes in OS X after multiple full screen changes) closed by criezy
fixed: ScummVM 1.9.0, which uses SDL 2, has now been released. I am therefore …
18:56 Ticket #9623 (Mouse capture causes cursor to jump erratically) created by mrprmiller
When I press CTRL+M to lock the mouse to the ScummVM window, whether …
17:22 Ticket #9622 (Android functionality problems) created by fitzoliverj
The current Android version of ScummVM (just updated from the Android …
12:30 Ticket #9621 (1.9.0 android can't add games for non-rooted android systems) created by dafioram
Clicking the Add Game button causes ScummVM to open in the /storage …
11:24 Ticket #9620 (SPARKLE: Update Error! An error occurred while extracting the archive.) created by angstsmurf
When pressing the Check now button in Options on ScummVM 1.9.0, a new …


22:26 Ticket #9619 (SCUMM/HE: PUTTZOO- Kenya Animation Bug Persists) created by LynxAdventurerer
This bug occurs in 1.7.0 and 1.9.0. The animation bug occurs upon …
16:56 Ticket #9618 (GUI: Could not load widget position for ''!) created by angstsmurf
It seems I can crash ScummVM 1.9.0 by starting it in graphics mode …
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