21:55 Changeset [a6e4bd79] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Hopefully fixed invalid buffer reads svn-id: r35446
21:22 Changeset [a4e08d94] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Allow quitting / returning to launcher while showing "selection …
21:17 Ticket #4043 (AGI: -x option (or loading from launcher) breaks some games) created by eriktorbjorn
[…] […]
19:12 Changeset [6baa803d] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Removed defaults which are set in base/commandLine.cpp svn-id: r35444
17:54 Changeset [08ff8d28] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Allow changing the scaler using hotkeys again. I hope this is the …
17:31 Changeset [c6bd85e3] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Allow quitting/returning to launcher while in the save/load dialog. I …
17:21 Changeset [1477116d] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Clicking in the scrollbar always caused the save/load list to scroll …
16:55 Changeset [3f3b742c] by Jordi Vilalta Prat <jvprat@…>
T7G: Add support for custom AdLib instruments svn-id: r35440
16:23 Ticket #8940 (Custom percussion instruments for the AdLib MIDI driver) closed by jvprat
16:21 Changeset [c4f33dfb] by Jordi Vilalta Prat <jvprat@…>
Custom percussion instruments for the AdLib MIDI driver (Slightly …
15:37 Ticket #3854 (DRASCULA: Mem leak) closed by fingolfin
13:55 Changeset [519815cb] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
memset()ing the output image with 0 at the start svn-id: r35438
12:03 Changeset [0410d6df] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Removed the hasKey() hackery of my previous commit and used …
11:07 Ticket #3651 (SWORD1: Save game naming inappropriate) closed by bluegr
10:54 Ticket #4035 (IHNM: SFX are no longer played) closed by bluegr
10:54 Changeset [2911aa04] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Fixed bug #2424530 - "IHNM: SFX are no longer played", by assigning …
08:22 Changeset [b7dbd3ec] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Some slight cleanup svn-id: r35435
07:32 Changeset [83194b21] by Florian Kagerer <athrxx@…>
KYRA: fix mt-32 sysex loading for LOL floppy svn-id: r35434
02:20 Ticket #3401 (GOB3: double sprite glitch in the queen level) closed by SF/sf-robot
02:20 Ticket #3302 (SYMBIAN UIQ3: Nippon Safes is slower than a glacier) closed by SF/sf-robot
02:20 Tickets #3301,​3366 batch updated by SF/sf-robot
01:45 Changeset [91e386c5] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Making curPos an uint32, so that it won't overflow anymore svn-id: r35433
01:01 Changeset [55edaf09] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Fixing 16bit audio svn-id: r35432
00:14 Changeset [6d19ee6e] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Adding convenience functions to get the time to wait for the next …


23:50 Changeset [9cd759c5] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Fixing 8bit audio svn-id: r35430
21:21 Changeset [5aec3bb] by Florian Kagerer <athrxx@…>
KYRA1: fixed Serpent Cave/Malcolm scene (where Brandon would instantly …
20:36 Changeset [28d33e01] by Johannes Schickel <lordhoto@…>
Fixed cursor palette when returning from GMM/Debugger. (Thanks to …
20:22 Changeset [dfc08c82] by Johannes Schickel <lordhoto@…>
Clean up cursor stack on engine quit properly. svn-id: r35427
19:32 Changeset [8b623775] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Oops, base values are read in the correct order now svn-id: r35426
19:18 Changeset [d314ee24] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Audio support for Smacker videos. Audio doesn't sound right yet, …
18:46 Changeset [d15022da] by Johannes Schickel <lordhoto@…>
Cleanup. svn-id: r35424
16:38 Changeset [5b7cb7ae] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Note to self: Don't sleep-deprive and code, for it makes you daft as a …
16:34 Changeset [05434a3] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Fixed some warnings svn-id: r35422
15:31 Ticket #7673 (WII/GC: Possibility to play games at native resolution) created by hkzlab
[…] […]
08:06 Ticket #3911 (WINCE: "ScummVM.ini" is overwritten everytime ScummVM starts) closed by SF/knakos
08:06 Changeset [8a6387ca] by Kostas Nakos <knakos@…>
fix opening of config file + some cleanup svn-id: r35421
07:12 Ticket #4018 (WINCE: SVN trunk backend compilation broken) closed by SF/knakos
05:04 Changeset [50563cb] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Fixed warnings. Hopefully without breaking anything. svn-id: r35420
02:48 Changeset [4ceecdb2] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Preliminary save/load support for Urban Runner svn-id: r35418


22:56 Ticket #4040 (TUCKER: Polish version crash) closed by SF/zebasoftis
21:29 Changeset [3ddbc121] by Gregory Montoir <cyx@…>
moved game version flags to detection entries ; unset …
21:19 Changeset [a56af219] by Lars Persson <anotherguest@…>
Added KeyConfiguration dialog to classic theme(320 and normal). …
21:17 Changeset [de0a2f40] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Some more Smacker audio code (still non-functional) svn-id: r35415
19:25 Changeset [dcc81b07] by wjp
move necessary code outside of assert svn-id: r35414
16:45 Changeset [3f36b2a1] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Fixed bug: not all control paths return a value in savePalLUT() …
16:06 Changeset [38e7eecb] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Added support for caching the palette LUT to a file svn-id: r35412
14:48 Changeset [10e471bb] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
- Added some disabled code for Smacker audio support (still …
13:07 Changeset [d0e2107] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Only do the no-cd-workaround if all resource files can be found …
11:15 Changeset [774773b7] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
Reduced code duplication when manipulating Animations, and cleanup. …
08:31 Ticket #4042 (NIPPON: Dino sprite not erased (Amiga)) created by raziel-
[…] […]
08:13 Ticket #4041 (NIPPON: Few problems with spotlight in demo (Amiga)) created by raziel-
[…] […]
03:48 Ticket #8944 (The 7Th Guest screenshots) created by SF/escarlate
[…] […]
01:40 Ticket #8943 (Bud Tucker in Double Trouble screenshots) created by SF/escarlate
[…] […]
00:41 Changeset [3591f885] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Workaround for Urban Runner's CD number detection daftness. Basically, …
00:26 Ticket #4040 (TUCKER: Polish version crash) created by SF/zebasoftis
[…] […]


23:27 Changeset [adae869c] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Experimental semi-transparency for fillRect, used in the green/red …
23:07 Changeset [98bbf9c4] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add target for CD demo of Discworld 1. svn-id: r35405
22:54 Changeset [4e2565ca] by Lars Persson <anotherguest@…>
Set SMALL SCREEN DEVICE settings in ::open function with new UI …
22:15 Changeset [662a38de] by Jordi Vilalta Prat <jvprat@…>
Enable the Groovie engine by default since it's now supported svn-id: …
22:10 Ticket #4039 (TUCKER: Czech version MD5) closed by cyxx
22:09 Changeset [328f0cd] by Gregory Montoir <cyx@…>
added Czech version detection entry, tracker item #2435411 svn-id: r35402
22:06 Ticket #4036 (TUCKER: Polish version MD5) closed by cyxx
22:05 Changeset [f18f79eb] by Gregory Montoir <cyx@…>
added polish version as reported on tracker item #2433494, removed …
22:00 Ticket #4039 (TUCKER: Czech version MD5) created by SF/george789
[…] […]
21:07 Ticket #4038 (TUCKER: Wrong file extensions associated in German Version) closed by cyxx
21:06 Changeset [ee62b9c4] by Gregory Montoir <cyx@…>
changed game version flags handling, should fix #2434208 svn-id: r35398
20:40 Changeset [ebd2f537] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
If the music file to play has no extension, add one. Fixes the music …
20:21 Changeset [4d3a4a85] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Rotating the object backwards in the magnifing view works now svn-id: …
19:55 Changeset [94c14c7] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Fixing the update coordinates for videos with _bytesPerPixel > 1 …
18:53 Changeset [d4b6b918] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
More video fixes for the magnifier/memory view svn-id: r35394
18:29 Ticket #4038 (TUCKER: Wrong file extensions associated in German Version) created by SF/invwar
[…] […]
18:26 Ticket #4037 (SQ2: message not displayed, or vanishes too quickly) created by SF/counting_pine
[…] […]
17:40 Changeset [696ed529] by Johannes Schickel <lordhoto@…>
Switched kyra1 to use the same input functionality as kyra2 and kyra3. …
13:45 Ticket #4036 (TUCKER: Polish version MD5) created by SF/zebasoftis
[…] […]
13:19 Changeset [2706e527] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
- Some more comments - The audio header is now decoded properly (still …
09:56 Changeset [0b1d3138] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
- Added some comments - Removed _paletteDidChange, as the virtual …
08:37 Changeset [638a8e33] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Synced Smacker player with ffmpeg revision #16143 svn-id: r35390
02:57 Changeset [c45f149e] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
First step at getting the magnifier and memory view corrected svn-id: …


22:49 Changeset [45842bf9] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Initialize palette when loading a new Smacker file - all palette …
21:13 Changeset [df32288b] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
- Removed the blockRuns array - Added some comments svn-id: r35386
21:00 Ticket #7672 (Add smk (smacker) decoding support) closed by sev-
16:01 Changeset [f825ccd6] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Script fix. Magnifier, Memory and Save/Load, while still not working …
15:36 Changeset [513aeee8] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
More video changes/fixes/stubs svn-id: r35384
13:10 Changeset [b4e542e3] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Mirror last Smacker changes. svn-id: r35383
12:55 Changeset [31979556] by Max Horn <max@…>
SMK player: do not include headers that are not needed, do not expose …
12:55 Changeset [ea3d4fe2] by Max Horn <max@…>
cleanup svn-id: r35381
09:54 Changeset [ddb810e1] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add Moonbase Commander target again, for testing only. svn-id: r35379
09:01 Changeset [2ce4a32f] by Benjamin Haisch <john_doe@…>
- Implemented cmd_restart (for the restart functionality in Return to …
07:15 Changeset [c76f0bdb] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
Weeded out some more unused code, and some restructuring. svn-id: r35377
05:16 Changeset [6b043aa] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Support for Urban Runner's new cursors (frames out of 16bit color …
05:08 Changeset [a59890ed] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Disable video play back in 16bit color HE games for now. svn-id: r35375
05:05 Changeset [1c9db8ee] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Adjust return values for HE games, when loading video file fails. …
02:16 Changeset [0eee8012] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
No background "music" shading in Urban Runner svn-id: r35373
01:45 Changeset [123c2667] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Another collision stuff change for Urban Runner. Now you can actually …
00:53 Ticket #7648 (TINSEL: Add support for Discworld demo) closed by Kirben
00:27 Changeset [f785068d] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Some more Urban Runner changes. Still no cylindrical smoking device, …
00:11 Changeset [8e03b72e] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Ignore BINK files. svn-id: r35370


23:47 Changeset [96c0685] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Avoid file leaking. svn-id: r35369
23:41 Changeset [9c20a533] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Enable Smacker support, and switch later HE games to Smacker support …
22:32 Changeset [4149909] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Updated the MSVC project files (added smk_player.cpp/.h) svn-id: r35367
22:10 Changeset [7f94c9f5] by sev-
Add preliminary support for SMK player. Code is derived from ffmpeg. …
21:58 Changeset [2bb204b5] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Ensuring correct endianness svn-id: r35365
21:21 Changeset [adb564e7] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
More changed collision stuff for Urban Runner svn-id: r35364
18:02 Changeset [d5115c0f] by Marcus Comstedt <marcus_c@…>
Use the new nifty defines DISABLE_TEXT_CONSOLE and …
14:19 Changeset [8b60af53] by sev-
Add Tucker engine to credits svn-id: r35361
12:59 Changeset [55972d76] by Filippos Karapetis <bluegr@…>
Silenced MSVC warning about variable "flags" being potentially …
10:32 Changeset [dc3e9027] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
Removed references to _vm from the engine itself. svn-id: r35358
10:08 Changeset [e98bc7e4] by Nicola Mettifogo <peres@…>
Removed some unused code. svn-id: r35357
04:39 Changeset [11698036] by dreammaster
Removed the comment about the DW1 Demo not being supported svn-id: r35356
04:33 Changeset [5f8323bd] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Plugging leaks svn-id: r35355
04:24 Changeset [4d79c4c9] by dreammaster
Minor bugfix to string display in DW1 demo svn-id: r35354
04:13 Changeset [8770cef4] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
16bit background "music" for Urban Runner svn-id: r35353
03:44 Changeset [68dcb1ff] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Background "music" for Urban Runner, though only 8bit for now svn-id: …
03:08 Changeset [bbe6ff00] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
Music/Video handling fixes/stubs svn-id: r35351
02:09 Changeset [126c5a1] by Sven Hesse <drmccoy@…>
More modified collision stuff for Urban Runner. The hotspots are …
01:18 Changeset [81d06067] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Resort game types. svn-id: r35349
01:13 Changeset [bff3c9cf] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Cleanup. svn-id: r35348
00:23 Changeset [c75c6811] by Johannes Schickel <lordhoto@…>
Added code to initialize MT-32 properly for Lands of Lore. svn-id: r35347
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