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#13348 AGS: QFG2VGA screenshots show chosen elements only new defect high Engine: AGS
#9664 BACKENDS: Win64 - Conf parameter still creates files in %appdata% thus breaking portability (create portable mode) new feature request normal Port: Win64
#11414 WEB: Bug Tracker - Can't log out new defect normal Web
#11418 SCI: QfG3 - enhance game with keyboard shortcuts new feature request normal Engine: SCI
#11419 SCI: QfG3 - losing local money with the money exchanger new defect normal Engine: SCI
#11420 SCI: QfG3 - Tarna's thief sequence missable new defect normal Engine: SCI
#11432 SCI: QFG3 - game skips to second encounter with Manu the monkey if there wasn't a first encounter before the conference new defect normal Engine: SCI
#13386 Add a "clear" command to the general debugger new feature request normal Tools
#13422 Bug tracker's main page has obsolete instructions and link new defect normal Web
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