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#13377 AGS: lamplightcity (Lamplight City) crash while Adelaide is speaking to Charlotte Robineaux new lamplight city crash defect blocker
#11313 BACKENDS: Android - Cannot access S9's internal memory new storage, crash, defect normal
#11715 SKY: Game crashes on launch when FluidSynth and no soundfont new soundfont, FluidSynth, crash defect normal
#11999 GOB: GOB 3 CD ITA - Werewolf Blount Stuck on the Chair... it's not anymore selectable or movable. Please fix.. i'm completely stuck. new GOB3 Stucks Crash Unplayable defect normal
#12536 ULTIMA6: "new" style is unstable new Ultima VI; crash; cast spell defect normal
#12598 GRIM: Grim Fandango crashes after displaying on 3DS new 3ds n3ds grim fandango crash grime defect normal
#12717 ILLUSIONS: Duckman: SIGSEGV in startMoveActor() when clicking too early in the first scene new illusions,duckman,crash,actor,cursor defect normal
#13067 PORTS: ANDROID: Crash in startup (or drop 4.1.x support) new 4.1.x, compatibility, crash, startup, defect normal
#13220 TINSEL: Discworld crashes new crash discworld defect normal
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