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#14334 SAGA: ITE (Amiga) - crashes after intro on Mac OS X PPC new PPC, big-endian, crash defect high
#11715 AUDIO: Games crash on launch with FluidSynth and no soundfont new soundfont, FluidSynth, crash, Loom, Beneath a Steel Sky defect normal
#11999 GOB: GOB 3 CD ITA - Werewolf Blount Stuck on the Chair... it's not anymore selectable or movable. Please fix.. i'm completely stuck. new GOB3 Stucks Crash Unplayable defect normal
#12536 ULTIMA6: "new" style is unstable new Ultima VI; crash; cast spell defect normal
#12598 GRIM: Grim Fandango crashes after displaying on 3DS new 3ds n3ds grim fandango crash grime defect normal
#12717 ILLUSIONS: Duckman: SIGSEGV in startMoveActor() when clicking too early in the first scene new illusions,duckman,crash,actor,cursor defect normal
#13220 TINSEL: Discworld crashes new crash discworld defect normal
#13412 AGS: Zniw Adventure issues and crash (segmentation fault) new Zniw Adventure, fonts, crash defect normal
#13660 WII: BLADERUNNER: Blade Runner crashes in chinatown or soon after that new Wii, crash, chinatown defect normal
#13782 MADE: ScummVM closes unexpectedly after playing first audio new audio midi crash defect normal
#13816 AGS: Donna Avenger of Blood doesn't start because of a avi video without extension new video crash defect normal
#13908 SCUMM: INDY3 (MAC): ASAN crash in Player_V2Base::next_freqs() in Castle Brunwald new asan,crash,castle brunwald,macintosh defect normal
#13960 BACKENDS: PS3 and physical CD issues new disc cd-rom crash defect normal
#14010 SCUMMVM 2.6.1 snap not working on Raspberry Pi new crash defect normal
#14060 ScummVM crashes immediately when Nintendo 64 Switch controller is plugged into PC via USB new crash, controller defect normal
#14258 AGS: Crash and text glitches for Dreams in the Witch House new Dreams in the Witch House, crash, fonts, glyphs, defect normal
#14297 ULTIMA8: Crash trying to save BookGump new crash, BookGump! defect normal
#14333 PSP: SAGA: Inherit the Earth Amiga does not start on PSP new Amiga, PSP, crash defect normal
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