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#4388 AGI: Incorrect CGA palette new sev- defect normal 11 years ago
#5730 AGI: Winnie: Color flood fill issue new m-kiewitz defect normal 9 years ago
#7032 AGI: Sorceror`s appraisal, can`t crash skull tells me i didn`t put it new defect normal 5 years ago
#7045 AGI: KQ1 - Graham Facing Away from King after Bowing new m-kiewitz defect normal 5 years ago
#7049 AGI: KQ2 - Bell Sound for PC Speaker Is Off new defect normal 5 years ago
#7569 AGI: Add the function keys to the keymap new enhancement normal 13 years ago
#7793 AGI Mouse-behaviour new enhancement normal 10 years ago
#7839 Three voice MIDI with AGI games. new enhancement normal 9 years ago
#9725 AGI IIgs: shift key commands don't work new m-kiewitz defect low 4 years ago
#9726 AGI IIgs: inventory/see object screen new enhancement low 4 years ago
#9829 AGI: SQX - The Lost Chapter - No sound new defect normal 3 years ago
#10409 AGI: SQ1: Backround sound effects do not properly play until another sound effect plays after save game load new defect normal 3 years ago
#10444 AGI: Graphics glitch when reloading a savegame after dying new patch normal 3 years ago
#10646 Previously identified KQ3 version now wrongly identified as fangame new enhancement low 2 years ago
#10732 AGI: Per game volume setting changed (saved!) by ScummVM on game start new defect normal 2 years ago
#10737 AGI: DG: The AGIMouse Adventure (Fan Game) freeze new defect normal 2 years ago
#10872 AGI: SQ1 - version 1.0x - game hangs just before Skimmer (Kerona desert) arcade starts new defect normal 22 months ago
#10887 AGI: FANMADE: Biri Quest crashes after startup if mouse support enabled new defect normal 21 months ago
#11015 Unknown game variant for AGI preAGI + v2 + v3 new enhancement normal 16 months ago
#11513 AGI: SQ2 (AppleIIGS) - frame/audio sync issues new defect normal 4 months ago
#11754 AGI (Fan): Space Quest 0 - Replicated - Monolith Ship Bug new defect normal 4 weeks ago
#11923 AGI Splatter patterns appear to be incorrect new defect normal 3 days ago
#11925 Unknown game variant for agi new enhancement normal 3 days ago
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