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#13995 Feature request: options could show *which* <default> is actually chosen for given game new feature request normal GUI
#14174 When installed via "make dist-generic", theme folder isn't automatically found unless supported by backend new lephilousophe defect normal Common
#14175 Support for Atari ST mono rendering new feature request normal Engine: SCUMM
#14458 GUI: Modern "non-fancy" themes do not take shading into account when building layout new defect normal GUI
#14508 HUGO: Hugo II Demo & Hugo III Demo do not work with paletted surface new defect normal Engine: Hugo
#14515 GUI: "Ask for confirmation on exit" option applies only to games new feature request normal GUI
#14574 GOB: Excessive blitting drags performance down pending sdelamarre defect normal Engine: Gob
#14774 GUI: Full Title + version requires at least 748px wide window new defect normal GUI
#14790 ULTIMA1: Do not bundle ultima*.dat files with it new feature request normal Engine: Ultima
#14793 AUDIO: Intro music of DOTT doesn't work anymore on clean config and LINUX+SDL new defect normal Audio
#14843 MacResManager: don't look for files outside game folder new defect normal Common
#14853 COMMON: Rework path handling causes performance regression new defect normal Common
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