19:39 Ticket #14073 (FREESCAPE: several types of rendering artifacts are visible) created by neuromancer
When the player is looking at a large exterior area, there are several …
19:18 Ticket #14068 (FREESCAPE: skanners are not implemented in Driller) closed by neuromancer
fixed: Already implemented
16:53 Ticket #14072 (AGS: Crash in "The Excavation of Hob's Barrow" on Giving Fiddle Bow to ...) created by momomomo888
Game: The excavation of Hob's Barrow 1.05 (GOG) SO: MacOSX Ventura …
00:41 Ticket #14071 (The ability to mass remove games) created by Zulthar
I've encountered this problem where as I've deleted games that I'm …


23:39 Ticket #14070 (PHANTASMAGORIA: Cutscenes are cut in Italian Version) created by popovi76
Hello, when i click on an object that activates a cutscene, for …


20:11 Ticket #14069 (Cookie's Bustle is not on the list of Director games) created by Camwoodstock
Cookie's Bustle is a game that works via Macromedia, much like the …
17:30 Ticket #11500 (GUI: Pressing escape in the GTK file chooser sometimes closes ScummVM) closed by lotharsm
11:32 Ticket #14068 (FREESCAPE: skanners are not implemented in Driller) created by neuromancer
The skanner per level should appear 3-4 minutes after entering a room, …
02:39 Ticket #14066 (ULTIMA8: Shape 328 does not render in shape viewer) closed by OMGPizzaGuy
fixed: Fixed in commit #8191740 and cherry-picked for 2.7 branch
01:51 Ticket #14067 (Hopkins FBI (Polish) - Blood Mode not working) created by jed84
Blood Mode does not work with the Polish version of the game.
01:41 Ticket #14066 (ULTIMA8: Shape 328 does not render in shape viewer) created by OMGPizzaGuy
Shape 328 (tapestry) does not render in shape viewer and often in …
00:58 Ticket #14039 (Render issue with shape border) closed by OMGPizzaGuy
fixed: Fixed by commit #f1d6ad7 There is an additional discrepancy for …


22:09 Ticket #13643 (WIN32: Crash on Windows 95 with VMware when attempting to decode JPEG ...) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Fixed in …
21:05 Ticket #14014 (AGOS: Warning about missing subtitle font) closed by lephilousophe
Thanks. The font is different because it's a real TTF instead of …
18:28 Ticket #14065 (DIRECTOR: Majestic Part I: Alien Encounter [Windows/German] (D5) Game ...) created by indy4fan
When trying to load the german version of Majestic in the latest daily …


23:43 Ticket #2377 (SCUMM: MI1 (VGA) - Guybrush doesn't appear immediately at the 1st beach) closed by AndywinXp
fixed: Fixed in …
12:11 Ticket #14064 (FTA2: "Too many tasks in the list" crash) created by HappyPrince81
After getting past Castle Jovanc lobby ScummVM crashes with "Too many …
08:42 Ticket #14063 (Unknown game variant for director) created by Jolien17
The game in 'Ronja de Roversdochter' seems to be an unknown game …


22:03 Ticket #14061 (OPENGL: Vertical position of cursor during screen shake appears to be ...) closed by AndywinXp
15:01 Ticket #14062 (Cannot load disk two. debugger keeps crashing program) closed by lotharsm
08:15 Ticket #14059 (ASYLUM: Holding Esc only dismisses one line of dialog) closed by alxpnv
fixed: Thanks for the report
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