20:14 Ticket #13943 (King Quest 5 keeps crashing in the exact same spot) created by SAL150
Hi, every time i get to the desert and try to enter the thiefs area …
19:10 Ticket #13942 (FREESCAPE: Add "Virtual Worlds" Atari ST support) created by laenion
It seems the European Atari ST version of "Virtual Worlds" (a …
18:08 Ticket #12979 (MOHAWK: Unknown game variant: Tortoise & The Hare) closed by sev-
fixed: Thank you, added.
07:20 Ticket #13941 (AGS: Heroine's Quest font rendering issue) created by Crystal-Shard
TrueType fonts (TTF) render slightly differently between ScummVM …


08:31 Ticket #13940 (DIRECTOR: Missing audio cue in Spaceship Warlock Stambul streets) created by elasota
In the Stambul streets at the very start, the audio VO that says "Bow …


00:25 Ticket #13939 (MD5: ADL: Unknown game variant for hires2) created by silentwar-resident
The game in 'AdventureSerenia\' seems to be an unknown game variant. …


15:05 Ticket #13933 (Use “Enable game-specific enhancements” for Sierra bug fixes) closed by bluegr
invalid: The script patches we have created for the SCI engine are vastly …


22:49 Ticket #13900 (DRACI: crash in outro) closed by dchp
22:03 Ticket #13938 (RISCOS: Investigate support for building with EABI toolchains?) created by ccawley2011
Using an EABI based toolchain would allow (among other things) …
20:40 Ticket #13937 (SCUMM/HE: Blue's s Reading Time Activities - Softlock when sliding ...) created by DevanWolf
Here is a video showcasing this bug: https://youtu.be/ExfgDX9pWD4
08:22 Ticket #13935 (SCUMM: FT: drawCharV7() buffer-overflow during ending credits (ASAN)) closed by dwatteau
fixed: Fixed by athrxx in commit 64a93af9ab10232b960ceafdda2d56334c759d03. Thanks!
00:29 Ticket #13936 (SCUMM: Music behavior after screensaver in SAMNMAX) created by GermanTribun
Game: Sam & Max Version: German CD ScummVM: 2.6.1 The music does get …


23:21 Ticket #13924 (SCUMM: FT: Ben sometimes gets stuck in an endless loop in old mine road) closed by dwatteau
I've tested this again on the 3 devices where I was having this issue, …
20:24 Ticket #13935 (SCUMM: FT: drawCharV7() buffer-overflow during ending credits (ASAN)) created by dwatteau
ASAN (clang++ 14) detected this when the text scrolls during the …
16:21 Ticket #13934 (simon 1 anniversary edition folder name: "Simon1_data_all.bundle") closed by tag2015
duplicate: Hi, thanks but this version has been reported already in bug #13927. …
11:17 Ticket #13934 (simon 1 anniversary edition folder name: "Simon1_data_all.bundle") created by sztojanov
The game in 'Simon the Sorcerer 1 (ANNIVERSARY)\' seems to be an …
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