19:27 Ticket #7063 (SWORD25: Intro (video) gets stuck (while music and text is fine)) closed by raziel-
Closing as outdated
04:54 Ticket #13906 (AGS: Quest For Glory 2 AGS remake mouse input seems broken) created by bleggett
Playing QFG 2 AGS remake in the latest daily build (Win11/Oct 22, …


16:16 Ticket #13896 (MTROPOLIS - Display issue with Obsidian opening still photos) closed by elasota
fixed: This was fixed by 93cdaccb9bbaaf7d8876a2efa36d258f989c4de6
14:18 Ticket #13892 (MTROPOLIS: Obsidian crash in Bismuth Realm animation wheel puzzle) closed by bleggett
fixed: This appears to be fixed with daily Windows build as of 10/21 (I see a …


22:38 Ticket #13352 (GROOVIE: The 11th Hour - Crash when leaving the Doll Room) closed by Die4Ever
fixed: Excellent, thank you!
20:30 Ticket #13905 (MOHAWK: Little Monster at School errors on page 16) created by laenion
When playing the German Windows version of the "Living Books" title …
14:22 Ticket #13903 (Pink Panther Passport to Peril refuses to detect game files) closed by sev-
fixed: Thank you, that is helpful. Per the ScummVM approach, we do not ask …
13:22 Ticket #13904 (BACKENDS: Can't change language / manage savegames on SteamDeck) created by moisesbelda
Scumm version : 2.6.0 Game : Discworld Plattform : Linux (Steam OS - …
03:46 Ticket #13903 (Pink Panther Passport to Peril refuses to detect game files) closed by TheRadziu
worksforme: Turns out as opposed to Hocus Pocus this game needs franken mix of …
03:37 Ticket #13903 (Pink Panther Passport to Peril refuses to detect game files) created by TheRadziu
Version: ScummVM 2.7.0git3503-gc2821ab37a1 (Oct 20 2022 03:12:41) Bug …


17:19 Ticket #13902 (RISCOS: Object file is not deleted when running make distclean) created by ccawley2011
When building for RISC OS with plugins enabled, …
15:53 Ticket #13901 (SCUMM: [Monkey 1 EGA / CMS audio] CMS music and sound effects ...) created by vanfanel
Hi there, In Monkey 1 EGA using the CMS Audio system, saving a game …


05:42 Ticket #13784 (GRIM: Run-Time Check Failure #3) closed by bluegr


20:55 Ticket #13900 (DRACI: crash in outro) created by dchp
Game crash in outro: https://youtu.be/jVvwfb7Oru0?t=8686 (video ends …
11:31 Ticket #13898 (Unknown game variant for ags) closed by tag2015
fixed: Thanks for the report! Detection added
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