21:16 Ticket #12063 (PETKA: Dialogue options have no outline and wrong color) closed by whiterandrek
fixed: fixed in fd98a42
21:10 Ticket #13246 (AGS - Mage's Initiation - crashes while entering the Palace on Lone Island) closed by criezy
fixed: A fix has now been applied, so the next daily builds should no longer …
06:19 Ticket #13243 (XEEN: Auto Note not updating in Darkstone Tower Level 4) closed by dreammaster
fixed: This is mostly fixed. The original script used index 128, which was …
03:07 Ticket #13175 (TITANIC: Can't get Bar Bot to add the Vodka) closed by dreammaster
worksforme: Sorry for the delay, I finally had a chance to check out your …


22:12 Ticket #12067 (PETKA: Characters ignore the walking region sometimes) closed by whiterandrek
22:12 Ticket #12066 (PETKA: Broken pathfinding) closed by whiterandrek
21:05 Ticket #13253 (Unknown game variant for glk) created by jizismyname
I was trying to install King's Quest 1 for Apple IIGS and received the …
14:49 Ticket #12065 (PETKA: glitching animations (original game bug)) closed by whiterandrek
13:52 Ticket #13252 (TRECISION: Dialogue Stuttering & Cut Scenes Cut Short) created by Rocketbabydolls
I'm experiencing issues with dialogue stuttering during cut scene …
12:25 Ticket #12068 (PETKA: Missing animations in some cutscenes) closed by whiterandrek
10:02 Ticket #12077 (PETKA: Very short animation) closed by whiterandrek
10:01 Ticket #12076 (PETKA: Missing actions animations) closed by whiterandrek
10:00 Ticket #12075 (PETKA: Audio desync in cutscenes) closed by whiterandrek


21:46 Ticket #12999 (PETKA: Red Comrades 1 - corrupted graphics after looking at game ...) closed by whiterandrek
fixed: fixed in 239dee1
20:43 Ticket #13251 (GOG version of Zniw Adventure) created by joeraz
The AGS game Zniw Adventure was recently released on GOG. When I …
12:30 Ticket #13249 (Pink Panther: PtP game crashes on loading a save) closed by whiterandrek
fixed: fixed in commit 31e7a61


09:31 Ticket #13247 (Checksums Marvel Comics Spider-Man: The Sinister Six (German version, ...) closed by neuromancer
fixed: This is already fixed. Thanks!
07:59 Ticket #13250 (TOON: Toonstruck hangs when entering air vent through staircase and ...) created by mutetus
After getting rid of the crocodiles guarding the bathroom door, …
02:37 Ticket #13104 (SWITCH/AGS: AGS games do not properly save/load games) closed by lluiscastrejonsubira
fixed: Fixed by merge of PR 3674


13:00 Ticket #13249 (Pink Panther: PtP game crashes on loading a save) created by PashaKagan
Nearing the end of the game, the savefile that has been used by the …


09:22 Ticket #13248 (WEB: "HOWTO-LoomTG16" is out of date (new Linux extraction script included)) created by eriktorbjorn
The Wiki instructions for how to extract the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 …
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