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TRECISION: Dialogue Stuttering & Cut Scenes Cut Short

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Cc: antoniou79 Game: Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy


I'm experiencing issues with dialogue stuttering during cut scene videos. I'm also experiencing issues with cut scenes ending early and cutting off the last few words of dialogue.

I'm using ScummVM 2.5.1. I'm only in the second area of the game and this has been a common issue, even during the opening intro movie.

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comment:1 by antoniou79, 2 years ago

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Summary: Dialogue Stuttering & Cut Scenes Cut ShortTRECISION: Dialogue Stuttering & Cut Scenes Cut Short

comment:2 by antoniou79, 2 years ago

I can reproduce the final line in some of the dialogues being cut off before it actually ends.

I cannot reproduce the stuttering in cutscene videos. A lot of the voice overs seem like they badly edited together some voiced sentences, is that what you mean?

Here's the newscaster as an example (this video is without ScummVM, so I guess it's the original's behavior, and it's the same with ScummVM for me). A few of her lines sound weirdly cut together:

I do get something that sounds like stuttering on ambient sounds (like the TV when turned on on Ruby's apartment, after leaving it play for a while), but this could be artifacts from bad compression issues.

comment:3 by Rocketbabydolls, 2 years ago

This is the newscaster segment in my latest upload:

The stuttering isn't common but it has happened a few times. It happens twice within a few seconds during the intro in this video:

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