23:28 Ticket #13155 (AGI: Mickey's Space Adventure Detection Problem) created by dshell102
It was working fine and we were well into the game. I did the update …
04:12 Ticket #10836 (SHERLOCK: Scalpel - inventory glitch) closed by dreammaster
02:25 Ticket #13154 (SCI: Police Quest 2 (PC-98) help box rendering error) created by einstein95
When showing the Japanese text in the help box, the newlines in the …
00:52 Ticket #13153 (SCI Games begin lagging either at launch or after moving about outside ...) created by NikkiPhoenix80
I was trying to play some Quest for Glory today on ScummVM 2.5.0. Up …


13:21 Ticket #13152 (MYST3: Mouse movements are limited to rectangle in full screen mode ...) created by ctoroman
10:01 Ticket #13080 (AUDIO: DiMuse - Stuttering sound when manually changing audio_buffer_size) closed by AndywinXp
fixed: Fixed with PR https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/pull/3589
07:32 Ticket #13151 (When global setting is Speech, subtitles don't appear to games without ...) created by orgads
* In global settings, set Audio -> Text and speech to Speech * Add a …


15:07 Ticket #13150 (MOHAWK/QT: Crash in Riven Quicktime Video) created by Gamellieur
Goodmorning, I'm playing Riven on a Windows 10 last updated pc, …
09:20 Ticket #13149 (GRIM: Grim Fandango % year 4 sewer transparency) created by arrowgent
Please check you are including all the following information in …
09:13 Ticket #13148 (GRIM: Grim Fandango _ after end game credits cannot exit the game) created by arrowgent
Please check you are including all the following information in …
03:24 Ticket #9553 (SHERLOCK: Cleopatra's Needle graphic glitch) closed by dreammaster
00:32 Ticket #13147 (ASYLUM: Can't trigger Easter Egg on 2nd Chapter) created by TaxAkla
The correct way to trigger the Easter Egg is to enter the fish house …


15:38 Ticket #13146 (TINSEL: Discworld intro graphical glitch) created by Agozerosu
Discworld, English CD version. ScummVM 2.5.0 During the opening …
04:03 Ticket #10841 (SHERLOCK: Scalpel inventory not updated when item is added) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Actually, I checked and removing the banishWindow call is correct.. …


11:41 Ticket #13136 (ASYLUM: Yawning during gameplay) closed by alxpnv
fixed: This should be fixed now. Thanks!
11:40 Ticket #13144 (ASYLUM: Crash after reaching limit of savegames) closed by alxpnv
fixed: Thanks for the report
11:39 Ticket #13143 (ASYLUM: A strange apparition) closed by alxpnv
wontfix: This is an easter egg ("Spork"). It can be triggered by Ctrl-clicking …
11:35 Ticket #13135 (ASYLUM: Redundant subtitle line) closed by alxpnv
fixed: Thanks for the report
11:34 Ticket #13130 (ASYLUM: Invalid direction crash in The Innocent Abandoned) closed by alxpnv
fixed: Fixed, thanks!
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