22:31 Ticket #11744 (GUI: Selecting <default> for the Graphics Stretch Mode does not revert ...) closed by criezy
fixed: Fixed via pull request #2690
09:11 Ticket #12028 (GUI: I18N - RTL: "Edit game" dialog looks distorted for SCI games) created by ZvikaZ
When the ScummVM's GUI language is Hebrew, and entering the "Edit …


20:21 Ticket #12027 (MOHAWK: Custom engine options no longer shown for Myst and Riven) created by criezy
In current 2.3.0git version the custom Engine options are no longer …


17:14 Ticket #12026 (SCUMM: Autosave no longer works) created by Kurufinwe21
ScummVM 2.3.0git11537-g434d1f37f9 on Windows 10 (64-bit). (Also …
13:00 Ticket #12025 (TWINE: Sprite palette issue) closed by mgerhardy


22:37 Ticket #12025 (TWINE: Sprite palette issue) created by mgerhardy
introduced in 725f75d4afb77831ba4ba5d75cb8ea0dd4c91174
11:11 Ticket #12024 (TWINE: Rendering error) closed by mgerhardy


22:29 Ticket #12022 (SCUMM: FT: skipping a cutscene also skips the first bike fight) closed by AndywinXp
fixed: The fix has been merged, closing.
22:15 Ticket #5624 (SCUMM: Zak McKracken (FM-Towns) - Opening hostel door (Mars) corrupts ...) closed by sev-
fixed: Fixed.
20:34 Ticket #12024 (TWINE: Rendering error) created by mgerhardy
Introduced in c1b89c9878f6afeff53225db745ee481b8146a64
17:46 Ticket #12023 (Web Wiki: remove "out of scope" statements) created by lwcorp
ScummVM has been supporting non ScummVM games for almost 2 decades …
09:15 Ticket #3326 (SCUMM: COMI - Occasional missing speech...) closed by AndywinXp
fixed: This should be fixed now; it was a problem with some speech being set …


12:13 Ticket #12022 (SCUMM: FT: skipping a cutscene also skips the first bike fight) created by AndywinXp
Version: 2.2.0 but also the latest dev build. How to reproduce: just …
12:02 Ticket #6855 (SCUMM: FT - music stops) closed by AndywinXp
invalid: I investigated this while fixing iMUSE Digital (and about that, a PR …
03:37 Ticket #12018 (Counterfeit Monkey won't start) closed by dreammaster
fixed: Okay, I was able to fix the PNG decoder successfully, and the PNG …
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