20:27 Ticket #11442 (Graphics: Game crashes after switching windows in full screen mode) created by ZvikaZ
When I start a game in full screen mode, then switch to other window …


20:58 Ticket #11441 (Unknown game variant for Lure of the Temptress) created by Federelli
The game in 'LURE\' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please …
17:20 Ticket #11437 (Consider using lgtm.com and codacy.com) closed by digitall
invalid: Considered. Codacy is already used on all Pull Requests for ScummVM. …
06:11 Ticket #11399 (MOHAWK: RIVEN: Return to Launcher & Quit don’t autosave if GMM opened ...) closed by macca8
06:03 Ticket #11440 (MOHAWK: RIVEN: Autosave no longer tests against game state at time of ...) created by macca8
This is a change from previously correct autosave-on-exit behaviour …
03:45 Ticket #11439 (SCI: Add support for Ultimate Kings Quest 4 with Amiga sounds and Munt ...) created by TarkinMX
Requesting support for Ultimate Kings Quest 4 with Amiga sounds and …


19:22 Ticket #11421 (QFG3: autosave not supported, launches ScummVM save dialog) closed by sluicebox
fixed: Thank you for the report, QFG3 auto-save is now supported. Auto-saves …
10:09 Ticket #11438 (SHERLOCK: Scalpel - Dialogue text covers interface after looking at ...) created by maiolica
In the Covenant Garden location, after using the Look at action with …


14:13 Ticket #11437 (Consider using lgtm.com and codacy.com) created by necros2k7
05:22 Ticket #11434 (MOHAWK: RIVEN: After recent changes to the engine, the Russian ...) closed by bgK
invalid: Great!
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