21:58 Ticket #7163 (WME: Unsupported game "Basis Octavus") closed by lolbot-iichan
21:55 Ticket #9678 (WME: Reversion - The Meeting (Checksum)) closed by lolbot-iichan
All Steam versions of Reversion should be detectable by now.
21:50 Ticket #6488 (WME: Dirty Split - no subtitles after intro) closed by lolbot-iichan
fixed: Found the mentioned PR: https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/pull/437
21:48 Ticket #9601 (WME: Helga Deep in Trouble - graphics glitch) closed by lolbot-iichan
16:50 Ticket #6564 (WME: Reversion - The Meeting - Unknown version) closed by raziel-
16:48 Ticket #6526 (WME: 5LD - background goes black on decisions) closed by raziel-
06:48 Ticket #10686 (WME: Sprite background is not fully transparent if AlphaColor is set) closed by lolbot-iichan
01:45 Ticket #11020 (SCI: PQ3: Delay before character messages) created by sluicebox
When talking to someone in PQ3 who has a close-up portrait, ScummVM …


21:14 Ticket #10941 (Tilde in save path creates "~" folder) closed by criezy
fixed: Thank you for your bug report. I confirmed that I was able to …
17:34 Ticket #11009 (WME: Unknown game variant for Wintermute) closed by bluegr
fixed: Added in tree
17:32 Ticket #11011 (WME: Unknown game variant for Wintermute) closed by bluegr
13:04 Ticket #11019 (Issue tracker can't take large uploads) closed by Mataniko
fixed: Fixed by setting fcgi max content length to 2 MB (which is our upload …
12:52 Ticket #11019 (Issue tracker can't take large uploads) created by Mataniko
This ticket is mainly to test the problem.


21:19 Ticket #11018 (SCI: LSL7-FR: Warning on start) created by Gimlao
« Missing or corrupt game resources have been detected. Some game …
21:04 Ticket #9679 (WME: Reversion - The Escape (Checksum)) closed by lotharsm
03:15 Ticket #11017 (SCI: ICEMAN: Destroyer timer bugs) created by sluicebox
When spotting the destroyer, timing problems prevent completing the …
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