16:15 Ticket #10799 (QFG4 floppy: Great hall eavesdropping door actions are all lies) created by Vhati
ScummVM 2.1.0git3871-ga37e388304 (Nov 8 2018 04:22:23) Windows 7 64bit …
11:38 Ticket #10718 (GUI: Mouse Cursor Flickering While Moving In Fullscreen) closed by necros2k7
yes it did thanx!


22:52 Ticket #10758 (QFG4: Autosave SCI Script Deletes Manual Savegames...) closed by bluegr
fixed: Great work! Many thanks for the effort you put on this. The pull …
12:41 Ticket #10664 (GROOVIE: T7G: Loading crashes during some puzzles) closed by dafioram
All of these worked without issue
00:11 Ticket #10787 (SCI: GK1: Grace day 1 dialogue cut off when hanging up phone) closed by bluegr
fixed: Merged. Thanks for your work! :)


09:19 Ticket #10798 (Kyrandia 2 Original Floppy Spanish Version) created by Dvdcillo
Here are MD5s for Kyrandia 2 original floppy Spanish version: The …


17:35 Ticket #10797 (SCI: GK1: Day 2 binoculars lockup) created by sluicebox
GK1 english pc floppy locks up on day 2 if viewing the drawing blow …
05:37 Ticket #6276 (T7G - savegame glitches) closed by digitall
fixed: Since PR1377 has now been merged, this can be closed as fixed. …
04:30 Ticket #10663 (GROOVIE: T7G: Cannot finish game) closed by digitall
@scott-t: Ah OK. I think the best solution then is to close this as …


22:07 Ticket #9760 (SCI: GK1: Animation glitch in grandmother's house) closed by bluegr
fixed: The pull request has been merged, so this can be closed now
21:49 Ticket #7769 (DRASCULA: Add pause mode) closed by criezy
fixed: I have decided to push my commit. We can always improve the …


23:46 Ticket #10795 (compress win32 exe to UPX by default?) closed by Kirben
wontfix: No, UPX compression tends to use more memory for decompression on …
23:14 Ticket #10796 (remove daily win64 build cause of no real life benefit over win32) created by necros2k7
23:11 Ticket #10795 (compress win32 exe to UPX by default?) created by necros2k7
23:09 Ticket #10794 (Strip theme zip files and other dat files from buildbot archive cause ...) created by necros2k7
17:16 Ticket #10791 (Croustibat: ID name - incorrect language prefix) closed by digitall
fixed: Fixed by commit 1c9fbf9547efa7c85c48dc4b1d3885b12fb1ad70. Closing as …
00:01 Ticket #6192 (SCUMM: HE - PUTTCIRCUS - Animation glitches (regression)) closed by digitall
outdated: OK... Will close as Outdated. @raziel- : Please reopen or comment if …
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