20:50 Ticket #10709 (SCI: LB2: Armor inset doesn't respond to events) created by sluicebox
LB2 Floppy 1.0 doesn't handle events for the inset of the corpse in …


19:20 Ticket #10706 (SCI: LB2: Missing desk lamp message) closed by bluegr
fixed: The patch has been merged, nice work! Closing
18:56 Ticket #10690 (QFG4 error when wraith in room) closed by bluegr
invalid: Right. So, you got broken game files. I can't reproduce this issue - …


08:35 Ticket #10708 (Unknown game variant: Danish Pink Panther: Passport to Peril localisation) created by Duffadash
Tried testing if the Danish localised version of Pink Panther: …


20:55 Ticket #10707 (SCI: GK1 pathfinding bug in grandmother's house) created by misterhands
GK1 DOS CD In the grandmother's house, Gabriel can walk over the …
01:37 Ticket #10706 (SCI: LB2: Missing desk lamp message) created by sluicebox
LB2 Floppy 1.0 (english) attempts to show a non-existent message when …


13:18 Ticket #10705 (Unsupported version of Arthur's Birthday (from Living Books)) created by Maikel-Nait
When trying to run Arthur's Birthday game from Living Books, I'm …
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