May 16, 2018:

11:57 PM Ticket #10532 (MOHAWK: MYST: Channelwood sound stops in linking book lift) created by dafioram
In channelwood if you enter the lift from the ground level that takes …
11:50 PM Ticket #10531 (MOHAWK: MYST: Crash when opening map mech age brother rooms) created by dafioram
When in the mechnical age if you open up either brother rooms and open …
11:44 PM Ticket #10530 (SCUMM: Zak McKracken (FM-Towns) - Cutscene stack overflow after ending) created by d0k3
After finishing the game, the console pops up and I get: ERROR: …
11:11 PM Ticket #10529 (SPY FOX 3 GERMAN: Voices do not work at all) created by Saleck
In the Steam version of SPY FOX 3 German, no voices work at all. …
11:09 PM Ticket #10528 (SPY FOX 3 GERMAN: Crash in the Hair Dressing Room.) created by Saleck
Hello, There is a bug with the German version of SPY Fox 3. When …
8:18 PM Ticket #10527 (SCUMM: "imuse play" console command crashes on some tracks, should ...) created by JPLeBreton
Steps to repro: 1. open monkey2 (tested with english DOS version) 2. …
2:08 PM Changeset [d4d2ae9e]branch-2-3branch-2-5branch-2-5-0branch-2-5-1branch-2-6branch-2-6-0branch-2-6-1branch-2-7branch-2-7-0branch-2-7-0-androidbranch-2-7-1branch-2-8branch-2-8-0branch-2-8-1quux by ccawley2011
CONFIGURE: Make GLEW an engine dependency
2:08 PM Changeset [db58d4a6]branch-2-3branch-2-5branch-2-5-0branch-2-5-1branch-2-6branch-2-6-0branch-2-6-1branch-2-7branch-2-7-0branch-2-7-0-androidbranch-2-7-1branch-2-8branch-2-8-0branch-2-8-1quux by ccawley2011
CONFIGURE: Make Bink an engine dependency
7:21 AM Ticket #10526 (MOHAWK: MYST ME: Crash when opening the map while using the Fortress ...) created by lotharsm
Visit the Mechanical Age and look at the Fortress Simulator. *Before* …
1:21 AM Ticket #10525 (MOHAWK: Riven: Prison Island sound puzzle graphics glitch.) created by macca8
This refers to the sound puzzle on Prison Island that releases …

May 14, 2018:

11:59 PM Ticket #10514 (XEEN: Low framerate) closed by dreammaster
fixed: It should be possible. Currently, the frame rate is tied into the …
11:58 PM Changeset [0aed2452]branch-2-1branch-2-1-0branch-2-1-1branch-2-1-2branch-2-2branch-2-2-0branch-2-2-1-androidbranch-2-3branch-2-5branch-2-5-0branch-2-5-1branch-2-6branch-2-6-0branch-2-6-1branch-2-7branch-2-7-0branch-2-7-0-androidbranch-2-7-1branch-2-8branch-2-8-0branch-2-8-1quux by dreammaster
XEEN: Refresh screen at a higher rate for more responsive mouse
11:44 PM Ticket #10517 (XEEN: Incorrect rewards from defeated enemies) closed by dreammaster
fixed: No, the original report is right.. in ScummVM the treasure gold and …
11:43 PM Changeset [d5444f2]branch-2-1branch-2-1-0branch-2-1-1branch-2-1-2branch-2-2branch-2-2-0branch-2-2-1-androidbranch-2-3branch-2-5branch-2-5-0branch-2-5-1branch-2-6branch-2-6-0branch-2-6-1branch-2-7branch-2-7-0branch-2-7-0-androidbranch-2-7-1branch-2-8branch-2-8-0branch-2-8-1quux by dreammaster
XEEN: Fix accumulation of gold & gems from defeated enemies
3:05 AM Changeset [1bfd7352]branch-2-1branch-2-1-0branch-2-1-1branch-2-1-2branch-2-2branch-2-2-0branch-2-2-1-androidbranch-2-3branch-2-5branch-2-5-0branch-2-5-1branch-2-6branch-2-6-0branch-2-6-1branch-2-7branch-2-7-0branch-2-7-0-androidbranch-2-7-1branch-2-8branch-2-8-0branch-2-8-1quux by criezy
I18N: Regenerate translations data file

May 13, 2018:

7:25 PM Ticket #10524 (Thread safety issue with MemoryPool) created by criezy
I have had random crashes when enabling networking code for a while. …

May 12, 2018:

12:40 PM Ticket #10523 (TITANIC: SGT Room Transition video has black spots) created by dafioram
git: f3bccbd6b02f When you have an SGT room that is on the bottom …

May 11, 2018:

10:56 AM Ticket #10518 (XEEN: Viewport animations run too quickly when Options dialog open) closed by dreammaster
10:54 AM Changeset [f3bccbd]branch-2-1branch-2-1-0branch-2-1-1branch-2-1-2branch-2-2branch-2-2-0branch-2-2-1-androidbranch-2-3branch-2-5branch-2-5-0branch-2-5-1branch-2-6branch-2-6-0branch-2-6-1branch-2-7branch-2-7-0branch-2-7-0-androidbranch-2-7-1branch-2-8branch-2-8-0branch-2-8-1quux by dreammaster
XEEN: Fix animation speed when Control Panel is open
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