11:25 Ticket #9595 (Myst: Crackling sound issue after short sounds are played) closed by rootfather


09:52 Ticket #9628 (Reading sign in rocket cockpit freezes ScummVM) closed by eriktorbjorn
07:42 Ticket #9644 (ScummVM GUI Hungarian translation) closed by rootfather
fixed: Merged, thank you!
06:28 Ticket #9644 (ScummVM GUI Hungarian translation) created by goodoldgeorge
ScummVM GUI Hungarian translation (2016.11.06)
05:51 Ticket #9643 (SDL2: Graphic issues with bilinear filtering enabled (Win, direct3d)) created by rootfather
Note: This bug seems to be related with #9592. OS: Windows 10 …


02:45 Ticket #9642 (SCI: GK1: "Erase Letter" button crashes at cemetery) created by sluicebox
When writing a message on the tomb wall in the cemetery, the Erase …
02:25 Ticket #9641 (SCI: Shivers: Bulls and Cows puzzle, incorrect display of master tiles) created by csnover
Room 31090. The master tiles for the puzzle, when revealed, are …


18:18 Ticket #9637 (SCI: GK1: Speech settings reset when loading game) closed by csnover
02:46 Ticket #9639 (SCI: GK1: Font rendering issues & truncation) closed by csnover
fixed: Fixed in e4b8820762f10848205266c59bfcb80b2177e060. (Oh, and the thing …
01:56 Ticket #9640 (SCI: GK1: Mime crash in Jackson Square) closed by csnover
fixed: Wow, what an exhaustive write-up! I feel bad that you spent so much …
00:46 Ticket #9609 (SDL: Crash with displayMessageOnOSD called from separate thread in ...) closed by criezy
fixed: The issue was fixed with Pull Request 855 that was merged on October 29.
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