23:24 Changeset [58966d6] by Max Horn <max@…>
Move stuff around svn-id: r17661
23:19 Changeset [96e40213] by Max Horn <max@…>
New virtual method getObjectIdFromOBIM svn-id: r17660
22:59 Changeset [c4e7f40] by Max Horn <max@…>
Split out some index reading code into a new method readIndexBlock() …
22:40 Changeset [adc21c1a] by Max Horn <max@…>
Move _numActors to a more sensible place, and make it protected; fix …
22:37 Changeset [fe93d2d7] by Max Horn <max@…>
cleanup svn-id: r17657
15:43 Ticket #8420 (SKY: More LINC charset fixes) created by eriktorbjorn
[…] […]
15:34 Ticket #1998 (ALL: Command-line inconsistency) created by eriktorbjorn
[…] […]
14:33 Changeset [e53cefd4] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Doesn't exist in HE72 svn-id: r17656
14:27 Changeset [7d7e2a11] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Debug no longer needed. svn-id: r17655
14:20 Changeset [c673f525] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Fix buffer overflow regression. Use same buffer sizes as original. …
12:55 Changeset [caae2f00] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add separate function for loading palette from choosen room. Avoid …
12:05 Ticket #1996 (Compilation error while trying to compile with gcc-4.0) closed by fingolfin
12:03 Changeset [2141a264] by Max Horn <max@…>
Use variable width scrollbar in the console dialog svn-id: r17652
11:53 Changeset [1cce2fd3] by sev-
Renamed 2 script functions which are correct. Moved messages about …
11:47 Changeset [a9f700b0] by Max Horn <max@…>
Allow usage of ScrollBarWidget with a non-standard width svn-id: r17650
11:46 Ticket #1997 (GUI: Mouse drawn at wrong position in overlay mode) created by fingolfin
[…] […]
11:26 Changeset [f4a5d245] by Max Horn <max@…>
Updated TODO list svn-id: r17649
11:24 Changeset [e0adf9db] by Max Horn <max@…>
oops, again svn-id: r17648
11:23 Changeset [a19ab36d] by Max Horn <max@…>
oops svn-id: r17647
11:20 Changeset [919af983] by Max Horn <max@…>
Added Dialog::wantsScaling(), to allow dialogs to turn off automatic …
09:45 Changeset [9daddf59] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
wizImage compression type 2 uses different decode method, so disable …
07:40 Changeset [6feb1a75] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Revert + 1 to width/height, caused invalid write. svn-id: r17644
03:09 Changeset [95c23c4] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Missing brackets. svn-id: r17643
01:26 Changeset [b05e1cd9] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Move HE bugs/issues to wiki (At …


23:31 Changeset [08424bf6] by Max Horn <max@…>
Hack to get the CD version to play even if no CD track is present …
20:59 Changeset [44acfd94] by sev-
Implement sfGetDeltaFrame and sfEnableZone. Fixes freeze when …
17:55 Changeset [aea451f] by Max Horn <max@…>
Reunify DirBrowserDialog and FileBrowserDialog; implemented file …
17:53 Changeset [caf14265] by Max Horn <max@…>
setLabel should probably cause an automatic redraw... svn-id: r17638
17:05 Changeset [b31ee93c] by Andrew Kurushin <h00ligan@…>
vc compile warn svn-id: r17637
16:56 Changeset [8ef991fe] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Clarified the second comment, and removed the overlap between the two. …
16:55 Changeset [bffeb58d] by Andrew Kurushin <h00ligan@…>
fixed: sprite hittest, speech draws in screen bounds svn-id: r17635
16:29 Changeset [7b9a3b1f] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Clarified/corrected my own comment, otherwise I'll probably forget …
15:26 Changeset [036a985] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Ooops svn-id: r17633
15:21 Changeset [1507203d] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
VAR78 needs to be set in HE80+ games Active sound channels VAR exists …
14:59 Changeset [ee62127a] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add mouse state VAR for HE 72+ games. svn-id: r17631
14:49 Changeset [40c45f54] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
No longer seem to occur. svn-id: r17630
14:45 Changeset [471a5868] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Filter out extra path setting and useless setting when writing INIs …
14:36 Changeset [a117f4f8] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Palette slots are supported, working in pajama3 at least. Fix typo. …
14:32 Changeset [1c6e1853] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
cyx added o90_getLinesIntersectionPoint() svn-id: r17627
14:22 Changeset [ca5bb36c] by Gregory Montoir <cyx@…>
'unstubbed' o90_getLinesIntersectionPoint svn-id: r17626
14:07 Changeset [f958556b] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Small correction. svn-id: r17625
13:09 Changeset [8b73e6a] by Max Horn <max@…>
_screenHasChanged == true implies _canvas.pixels == null; so replace …
12:42 Changeset [a8041524] by Max Horn <max@…>
cleanup svn-id: r17623
12:41 Changeset [90217a59] by Max Horn <max@…>
Improved auto-detection if MD5 is not known / MD5 support is disabled …
12:41 Changeset [ff7c1086] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
When recreating the canvas, do a full redraw so that all the dialogs …
11:40 Ticket #8419 (GUI: Less CPU-intensive credits scroll) closed by fingolfin
11:40 Changeset [7aebedc] by Max Horn <max@…>
Patch #1183808 (GUI: Less CPU-intensive credits scroll), with some …
11:31 Changeset [e9be61a4] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Disable again, some sounds loop forever. svn-id: r17619
11:03 Changeset [f6d87c86] by Andrew Kurushin <h00ligan@…>
fixed ram dialog crash implemented: …
11:01 Changeset [58298999] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Error on all unknown compression types. Remove some unused cases. …
10:42 Changeset [6e903f68] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Cleanup svn-id: r17616
10:26 Changeset [43aab9ea] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Cleanup svn-id: r17615
10:16 Changeset [57711d54] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
puttmoon GID no longer used. svn-id: r17614
06:16 Changeset [537b8ae7] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add missing check for palette remap in drawWizImage. Can get further …
05:36 Changeset [a9ff09b] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Adjust for footdemo, which triggers assert. svn-id: r17612
05:18 Changeset [2b6bdb6] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
DstResNum state is always zero. svn-id: r17611
04:56 Changeset [c810139b] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
use dstResNum for destination, if set. svn-id: r17610
01:39 Changeset [df3bc8bb] by James Brown <ender@…>
spelling svn-id: r17609


23:15 Changeset [f6fc9c1] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Fixed svn-id: r17608
15:19 Changeset [97652af] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
MIN/MAX were in reverse. svn-id: r17607
14:57 Ticket #8419 (GUI: Less CPU-intensive credits scroll) created by eriktorbjorn
[…] […]
09:55 Changeset [2618ce80] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Update HE todo. svn-id: r17606
08:34 Changeset [7c2e66df] by Gregory Montoir <cyx@…>
Got rid of scaleX and scaleY, previous code was relying on overflow …
01:02 Changeset [4cd11043] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Checks actor costume frame. svn-id: r17604
00:07 Changeset [3be91ebf] by sev-
o Switch track on each new scene. o Slight improvement on track time …


21:53 Changeset [bec1acac] by sev-
Fix from wjp for redraws and input during delays svn-id: r17602
19:23 Changeset [4b18be1c] by Max Horn <max@…>
Removing this casting operator. I changed the only place it was used …
12:18 Changeset [1b76f9d0] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Set remap flag svn-id: r17600
11:33 Changeset [7a30956d] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add missing safety check, needed when called directly. Fixes assert in …
11:23 Changeset [5ddb09fe] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add missing safety check, should only clip if rect is valid. Fixes …
10:00 Changeset [5b50c4e2] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Added TODO item about the insanely CPU intensive credits roll. …
09:22 Ticket #1996 (Compilation error while trying to compile with gcc-4.0) created
[…] […]
06:59 Changeset [e8a2cf1] by Jonathan Gray <khalek@…>
Pass user supplied $CXXFLAGS to the compiler only once. svn-id: r17596
06:06 Changeset [a3882f3a] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add HE7.2 difference in o_getResourceSize(). Add support for checking …
03:26 Changeset [50bf840] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Set result back to 1 for now, otherwise chase locks up. svn-id: r17594


22:32 Changeset [8e8c2de3] by sev-
Enable perfect timer so intro runs in sync now. Matches disassembly …
20:53 Changeset [07ed5e4] by sev-
Patch from wjp. Fix keyboard input. svn-id: r17592
19:50 Changeset [0f3ab220] by Gregory Montoir <cyx@…>
Only cache a track if it really exists, this should prevent some …
19:48 Changeset [dbfd703d] by Gregory Montoir <cyx@…>
Updated comment svn-id: r17590
18:36 Changeset [839c8add] by Max Horn <max@…>
Get rid of errno; add some (optional) error checking facilities to …
18:27 Changeset [a5993b21] by sev-
Support for Red Book audio in CD version of gob1. svn-id: r17588
14:06 Changeset [c60678ed] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Since the latest change once again makes this a proper sentence, I've …
13:44 Ticket #8418 (Updated README Native Midi Documentation) closed by sev-
13:44 Changeset [c908f808] by sev-
Patch #1182233 "Updated README Native Midi Documentation" svn-id: r17586
13:37 Ticket #8418 (Updated README Native Midi Documentation) created by SF/tbcarey
[…] […]
13:33 Ticket #1995 (Maniac Mansion (NES) doesn't run anymore after Apr 10 commit) closed by sev-
13:32 Changeset [4532652] by sev-
Fix bug #1182206 "Maniac Mansion (NES) doesn't run anymore after Apr …
12:58 Ticket #1995 (Maniac Mansion (NES) doesn't run anymore after Apr 10 commit) created by SF/lord_nightmare
[…] […]
12:36 Changeset [59e96ca9] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Pedantic fix. svn-id: r17584
11:03 Changeset [d8467268] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Off by one. svn-id: r17583
10:40 Changeset [4b7999b6] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Ooops, was not used. svn-id: r17582
10:34 Changeset [d3ea799f] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
_stringBuffer can have mutple strings, ie in pajama2 startup. Add …
06:53 Changeset [b8d3bec5] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Read/write INI entries from config file in HE games. svn-id: r17580
06:31 Changeset [0e836ff7] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Backported two "Passport to Adventure" fixes: Indy 3 fighting and …
06:30 Changeset [75f6aa85] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Fixed Indy 3 fighting in the "Passport to Adventure" demo. Apparently …
06:30 Changeset [c9388604] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Increased buffer size to avoid overflow when looking at the Loom help …
06:17 Changeset [4aff3f0] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Fixed typo in comment. svn-id: r17576
04:49 Ticket #1994 (MI: Jungle scene with monkey (you give banana to) crashes) created by SF/chaosdiscord
[…] […]
00:55 Changeset [e867bd9e] by sev-
Mention MM NES since it lives on our compatibility page for a while …
00:52 Changeset [a223723b] by sev-
Mention NES platform in documentation. Just forgot it last time …
00:52 Changeset [1ac6a09a] by sev-
Fix hang in EGA version. Thanks to wjp. Be careful with that …
00:47 Changeset [bd9d8c6] by sev-
Make VAR macros safer. svn-id: r17572
00:11 Changeset [bdbd5640] by sev-
Patches #1164217 "Updated GS Support + Percussion Remapping Patch" and …
00:11 Ticket #8417 (Updated Native MIDI documentation) closed by sev-
00:11 Ticket #8406 (Updated GS Support + Percussion Remapping Patch) closed by sev-


23:47 Ticket #8284 (Better GS support and percussion remapping) closed by sev-
23:45 Ticket #8416 (GOB: Possible inter_renewTimeInVars() fix) closed by sev-
23:45 Changeset [3536cd0a] by sev-
Patch #1181639. "GOB: Possible inter_renewTimeInVars() fix" svn-id: r17570
22:44 Ticket #1993 (BASS CD: text shows up and disappear too quickly) created by SF/ketchup_addict
[…] […]
22:41 Changeset [7c831c9] by sev-
Patch #1180882 "GM/GS Percussion Remapping" svn-id: r17569
22:40 Ticket #8414 (GM/GS Percussion Remapping) closed by sev-
20:07 Ticket #8417 (Updated Native MIDI documentation) created by SF/tbcarey
[…] […]
17:55 Ticket #1992 (MI1: Use petal with raw meat crashes game) created by SF/tanepiper
[…] […]
17:12 Ticket #8416 (GOB: Possible inter_renewTimeInVars() fix) created by eriktorbjorn
[…] […]
15:15 Ticket #8415 (AmigaOS 4 changes) created by SF/capehill
[…] […]
13:44 Changeset [003b3a3f] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add missing segment svn-id: r17568
13:18 Changeset [4efa8da5] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Not all polygons should be cleared in startScene(). A few minor …
08:59 Changeset [185aa763] by sev-
Add comments on CD-specific opcodes svn-id: r17566
08:51 Changeset [996bbacc] by Torbjörn Andersson <eriktorbjorn@…>
Removed unnecessary semi-colon. svn-id: r17565
07:52 Changeset [eed70f3d] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Cleanup svn-id: r17564
06:06 Changeset [03f07f7] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Add angle change. svn-id: r17563
05:26 Changeset [fefd65c3] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Use paletteNum. svn-id: r17562
02:35 Changeset [973b407] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Sync. svn-id: r17561
02:29 Changeset [dea27e2c] by Travis Howell <kirben@…>
Work in progress on opcodeE0 for HE games. Cleanup. svn-id: r17560
00:34 Changeset [e096cf83] by sev-
Remove reference to resource.h svn-id: r17559
00:25 Changeset [a0ee8f6e] by sev-
Remove unneeded files. svn-id: r17558
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