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#11396 SWORD2: (SPANISH DEMO) Save/Load/Options UI is visually broken, soft-freeze when opening the guardhouse's trap door new defect high Engine: Sword2
#4388 AGI: Incorrect CGA palette new defect normal Engine: AGI
#4911 SCUMM: COMI - crash on 1-st scene (Russian version) new defect normal Engine: SCUMM
#5745 SAGA: ITE (Floppy) - Audio loops and game stops responding new defect normal Engine: SAGA
#7527 Recognize zipped savegame when no Zlib was compiled new feature request normal --Other--
#7564 FOTAQ code modifications (mostly for greek translation) pending feature request normal Engine: Queen
#7597 ITE: Add support for Inherit the Earth OS X bundle new feature request normal Engine: SAGA
#7720 GUI: default option new feature request normal GUI
#11994 Mixed Up Mother Goose AGI Amiga - Unknown game variant for agi pending feature request normal Engine: AGI
#12303 SCUMM: Maniac Mansion C64 and Zak C64 Abort with Error new defect normal Engine: SCUMM
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