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ILLUSIONS: Duckman: Subtitle timing is too fast to read

Reported by: meunierd Owned by: sev-
Priority: normal Component: Engine: Illusions
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A set of lines will flash by in quick succession well before the dialogue has caught up. This is using version 74f7a17d on MacOS.

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comment:1 by sev-, 4 years ago

Could you please elaborate a bit? Where does it happen? Do you have a savegame? What are the steps to reproduce?

comment:2 by meunierd, 4 years ago

I've recorded repro video here:

It happens for all subtitled dialogue in-game, starting from the very beginning. Here you can see it once Cornfed starts talking. No save file is necessary, it starts at the beginning of a New Game.

comment:3 by sev-, 4 years ago

Priority: normalhigh

comment:4 by sev-, 4 years ago

Summary: Duckman: Subtitle timing is too fast to readILLUSIONS: Duckman: Subtitle timing is too fast to read

comment:5 by raziel-, 3 years ago

Same problem on AmigaOS4.

It seems as if the subtitles are simply displayed without any delay between the lines.
I guess they go by even faster on strong machines.
I can read them but am not able to catch any details.
It goes by much to fast and is completely out of sync to the spoken lines.

comment:6 by sev-, 3 years ago

Owner: set to sev-
Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

I fixed it, there was a mistake in disassembly.

However, I noticed that the subtitles match the text length (roughly) only when their speed is set to max.

comment:7 by meunierd, 3 years ago

I just tried on a36c20c8 and am still able to reproduce this issue.

comment:8 by sev-, 3 years ago

Did you change the subtitle speed to max in-game?

comment:9 by raziel-, 3 years ago


I did not.
If the default setting is not broken in any way I'm using that.
Just added the game and started it right away (back when I tried it)

comment:10 by meunierd, 3 years ago

What I'm noticing is that the text speed setting is a different value than all other settings, but if you manually adjust it to where the others are, it seems fine. Maybe the default value isn't initializing correctly?

comment:11 by raziel-, 3 years ago

My default (global) subtitle speed setting is 60.

comment:12 by raziel-, 3 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: closednew

ScummVM 2.3.0git (Jul 3 2021 01:39:11)
Features compiled in: Vorbis FLAC MP3 RGB zLib MPEG2 Theora AAC A/52 FreeType2 FriBiDi JPEG PNG GIF cloud (servers, local) TinyGL OpenGL

With todays build and the textwidth fix for BE platforms from #11528 this issue is still present.
Subtitles goes by too fast, not in snyc with the dialog.

subtitles are set to "false" globally here
talkspeed is set to 60 in the duckman settings

Maybe because of the global subtitles setting to off, it picks up the wrong (or any) value and thus displays them too fast.
I also think that there is a second bug here, because the subtitles shouldn't be displayed et al due to the global setting.

AmigaOS4 - PPC - SDL - BE
gcc (adtools build 11.1.0) 11.1.0

comment:13 by sev-, 3 years ago

Priority: highnormal
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