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#13364 FluidSynth: If audio preferred device is set to default, it auto sets to FluidSynth in next startup new music_driver, FluidSynth, Settings, GUI, Start Up defect normal
#14506 GRAPHICS: Shaders broken(?) new gui, launcher, shaders defect normal
#11645 GUI: "New save" button still enabled when all save locations are used new gui savegame new save defect low
#14458 GUI: Modern "non-fancy" themes do not take shading into account when building layout new gui, themes defect normal
#13749 GUI: ScummVM GUI Forced Into Compact Mode On Exit Of Certain Games new GUI Resizing Compact Mode defect normal
#15147 GUI: Strange error messages with incorrectly set extras path new gui truetype defect normal
#13429 OpengGL with Shaders over OGLES2 cause visuall trash when we spawn a GUI of Launcher. new OpenGL ES, graphics, GUI, Launcher, AmigaOS4 defect normal
#13355 Options for "Capture mouse" and "Screenshot Path" in GUI new Screenshots, Mouse, Mouse Capture, Paths, GUI, Options, Settings feature request normal
#13057 PORTS: ANDROID: Android load game screen distorted while downloading from Cloud new Android, GUI defect low
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