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#11715 AUDIO: Games crash on launch with FluidSynth and no soundfont new soundfont, FluidSynth, crash, Loom, Beneath a Steel Sky defect normal
#12717 ILLUSIONS: Duckman: SIGSEGV in startMoveActor() when clicking too early in the first scene new illusions,duckman,crash,actor,cursor defect normal
#13660 WII: BLADERUNNER: Blade Runner crashes in chinatown or soon after that new Wii, crash, chinatown defect normal
#13782 MADE: ScummVM closes unexpectedly after playing first audio new audio midi crash defect high
#13960 BACKENDS: PS3 and physical CD issues new disc cd-rom crash defect normal
#14497 BACKENDS: PSP: Crash on Start since 2.7.0 new crash on start defect high
#14559 ANDROID: Crash when a bluetooth keyboard reconnects on Android 7 device new crash, bluetooth, keyboard defect normal
#14608 SCUMM: FMTOWNS Version with Italian translation - Crash at CAIRO sphinx after press the 3 button in order using ANNIE. new Zak McKraken FMTOWN Crash defect normal
#14803 SWORD2: Error during intro cutscene (Spanish Playstation version) new broken sword spanish playstation ps1 psx error crash defect normal
#14958 ULTIMA6: Move Item command doesn't prompt to split an item stack new ultima, crash, ultima 6, ultima VI, spells, GOG defect normal
#15013 COMMON: Invalid save path leads to crash/debugger coming up new timestamps, crash defect normal
#15149 PINK: Hokus Pokus Pink game crashes right after the girl turns into a mermaid new crash,font defect normal
#15162 TITANIC: Using the word "that" when talking to a character causes a segfault new crash, wc_pronoun, word, parser, this, those, that defect normal
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