13:34 Ticket #14572 (HPL1: crash after breaking the ice in level "Lake Utuqaq") created by grisenti
In the "Lake Utuqaq" level, if the player breaks the ice, the program …
12:22 Ticket #14571 (HPL1: sliding door does not move) created by grisenti
In the level "Chemical Storage", the door to enter the laboratory does …
12:12 Ticket #14570 (HPL1: helmet stuck inside a locker) created by grisenti
In level "Shaft 13" the yellow helmet on the right side of the locker …


01:36 Ticket #14569 (incorrect version of the "access.dat" engine data file found. Expected ...) closed by dreammaster


13:43 Ticket #13197 (TWINE: android feedback that must get sorted) closed by mgerhardy
13:28 Ticket #13132 (TWINE: LBA1 GOG version Adeline jingle does not play at all) closed by mgerhardy
fixed: https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/commit/ddb0420ef63221a45202139378744
13:16 Ticket #14295 (TWINE: missing possibility to add Adeline logo wav file to Little Big ...) closed by mgerhardy
fixed: closing this one as the jingle-not-playing is tracked here already: …


16:09 Ticket #14569 (incorrect version of the "access.dat" engine data file found. Expected ...) created by DeadVoivod
Hi, I have following problem with Amazon: Guardians of Eden - …
10:46 Ticket #13997 (AGOS: SIMON2: Character animation regression at MucSwamplings) closed by dwatteau
fixed: @JiFish: Thanks for doing a more thorough test of the various …
00:53 Ticket #14568 (SCI: Phantasmagoria - Dragon Bug) created by DustyShinigami
Version: ScummVM -v2.7.1 Language of game: English Version of game: …


22:10 Ticket #14562 (SWORD2: Fail To Detect Game in GOG Version) closed by antoniou79
09:40 Ticket #14567 (MIght and Magic 1 Enhanced) created by ArekReve
I start the game. I'm leaving Sorpigail. Once combat has started, …
09:10 Ticket #14566 (Unknown game variant: Croustibat (Unofficial English translation)) created by duncanc
These are the details for a fan-made English translation of …


12:49 Ticket #13220 (TINSEL: Discworld crashes) closed by sev-
fixed: The PR was merged. Thank you very much!
06:29 Ticket #14565 (Unknown game variant for Schoolhouse Rock! Grammar Rock) created by KyleStilkey
The game in 'GRAMMAR\' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please …
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