14:43 Ticket #13380 (GRIM: Unknown game variant for grim) created by 22joseph
I tried launching my German version of Grim Fandango in ScummVM 2.5.1 …
09:16 Ticket #13379 (AGI: KQ3: Infinite animation when falling to death off ladder) created by salty-horse
Observed in Twitch stream: …


15:22 Ticket #13361 (Autosave gets corrupted in Shivers) closed by sluicebox
04:29 Ticket #13363 (GUI: Engine icons are not shown in the grid view) closed by SupSuper


22:20 Ticket #13378 (SCUMM: SAMNMAX: Timing Problems in German CD Intro) created by GermanTribun
ScummVM: 2.5.1. System: Windows 10 Pro Game: Sam & Max CD, German …
03:08 Ticket #13377 (AGS: lamplightcity (Lamplight City) crash while Adelaide is speaking ...) created by mpalermo1983
Game crashes while Adelaide is speaking to Charlotte Robineaux while …
00:38 Ticket #13376 (MYST3: Save Glitch) created by jamie-marchant
In the normal game when you hit "Exit" in the menu it asks if you want …


13:12 Ticket #13337 (AGI: Add version 4.0 of GoodMan to detection table) closed by digitall
12:29 Ticket #13375 (WME3D engine: content of the window not resizes and bring ...) created by kas1e
Found that be it Windows, or AmigaOS4, or Linux, we have there issues …
12:25 Ticket #13336 (AGI: Add Full version of Tex McPhilip 3 to detection table) closed by digitall
11:33 Ticket #13333 (Unknown game variant for plumbers for Peter and the Wolf, Windows Version) closed by digitall


05:12 Ticket #13374 (MI1 Ultimate Talkie: Lemonhead line missing) created by OzzieMonkey
This issue's been around for a while. Basically when you give the idol …
05:09 Ticket #12504 (ULTIMA8: Master Malchir does not drop the book of 'Tongue of Flames') closed by mduggan
fixed: It looks like my change should actually fix things. From the …
00:49 Ticket #13272 (Ultima 8 inventory disappeared) closed by mduggan
duplicate: I'll close this one for now, but feel free to reopen or file another …
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