20:39 Ticket #13316 (The 11th Hour - French version - Crash when watching 'Marquis de Sade' ...) closed by Die4Ever
19:10 Ticket #13323 (TITANIC: 3D starmap tab does not work) created by jamie-marchant
Maybe I am doing it wrong but from the 3D Starmap screen, I can't see …
15:12 Ticket #13322 (SCUMM: FT (demo): Two background music tracks playing at the same time ...) created by AndywinXp
To reproduce this, simply open the demo of Full Throttle found in the …
15:06 Ticket #13320 (SCUMM: FT: DiMUSE crash when exiting "screensaver") closed by AndywinXp
14:00 Ticket #13321 (HYPNO: Screenshots) created by windlepoons
Game: Marvel Comics Spider-Man: The Sinister Six (DOS/German) OS: …


20:54 Ticket #13320 (SCUMM: FT: DiMUSE crash when exiting "screensaver") created by criezy
In Full Throttle, if you wait a few minutes without doing anything, …
14:49 Ticket #13319 (SCUMM: FT: Segfault after journalist escape cutscene) created by Paolo86cripple
When changing location and triggering the journalist escape cutscene, …


19:29 Ticket #13318 (SQ3: version 1.018 doesn't display ScumSoft Announcements) created by Doomlazer
tested in ScummVM version 2.5.1 In SQ3 version 1.018, Script::cue …
07:49 Ticket #13317 (Update aspect ratio for new iPad Mini 6 2021) created by nex86
On the new iPad Mini 2021, the aspect ratio changes to 4:3 when …


23:07 Ticket #13316 (The 11th Hour - French version - Crash when watching 'Marquis de Sade' ...) created by Choucas06
Hello, I'm testing the french version of the 11th hour. When watching …
20:07 Ticket #13315 (Russian "Akella" version is not supported) created by Alexshvd
The game in '11th Hour\' seems to be an unknown game variant. Please …
19:55 Ticket #13097 ([KYRA] [LOL] [MT32] Music on character selection screen gets out of tune) closed by NMIError
fixed: This issue should be fixed in the next daily build.


17:13 Ticket #13314 (The energy bar does not decrease during the vent arcade sequence) created by windlepoons
After arcade with octopus/krake there is an arcade with poisonous air. …
08:27 Ticket #13313 (WEB: "HOWTO-FMT FNT" is out of date) created by eriktorbjorn
The information in https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/HOWTO-FMT_FNT
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